New regulations of organ transplantation in Ukraine

Новые правила трансплантации органов в Украине

A citizen of Ukraine may accept or refuse post-mortem organ donation — Rada adopted a new law on transplantation.

The Verkhovna Rada adopted the bill №2386а-1, which allows organ transplants after the donor’s death. It States that removal of an organ for transplantation after death is possible only in case his / her written consent in his lifetime.

Rules of transplantation

• during the life of the authorities will be able to sacrifice all adult Ukrainians, except pregnant women, prisoners and the sick;

• free organ transplantation is only possible for medical reasons;

• wishing to become posthumous donors must give written consent;

• the donor may change your mind at any time revoke the consent;

• a note on the donation can be put in a passport or driver licence;

• people in life may choose a third person who will give permission to transplant his organ after death;

• if the person is not decided, the decision will be taken by relatives or those involved in funeral (otherwise it will be presumed disagreement).

The new rules will come into effect from 2019 if the bill is signed by the speaker of Parliament and President of Ukraine.

The registry will be closed: the only access to the list of focal points and health facilities. To obtain other information will be available from the coordinator, the Ministry of health and forensic (post-mortem organ donation).

We will remind that earlier the Ministry of health has drafted a bill to restrict drug advertising.

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