More rules Garik Korogodsky: how to work with negative

Авторские правила Гарика Корогодского: как работать с негативом

Well-known Ukrainian businessman, millionaire, co-owner of the fitness center “Aquarium” and shopping center “Dream Town”, blogger and writer Garik Korogodsky at iForum 2018 shared their ways of dealing with negativity.

The contents

  • 1 Rule of the steps in the public space
  • 2 do Not hide behind management and subordinates
  • 3 to respond to negative news very quickly
  • 4 Pro tennis and negativity
  • 5 Please go on…
  • 6 Not to swear behind enemy lines
  • 7, Any sharp position better moderate

A rule of the steps in the public space

First move: I’m loud, bright and confusing, I’m a clown — and most opposed to me.

Second course: Drag all to his side. For someone you’ll always be bad — they want to ruin the mood, they want to shit under the tree, I have to live my life. When I send someone, they do so is always polite. Question: when to send and when to persuade, not to lose your audience?

In order not to lose your audience you have to be very tough with strangers. First pull the audience to his side — and then beat the bastard.

Don’t hide behind management and subordinates

When faced with negativity — and we have a lot of negativity — we are always putting owners and never hide behind management.

To respond to negative news very quickly

Inaction is much more expensive operation, even unsuccessful. Act needs people who understand the consequences. We are shareholders and one PR. Better two times to be wrong, than 10 times to remain silent and give the news to be dispersed.

About tennis and negativity

There is a term in tennis — twist-ball. This ball, which is sent to a great rotation. He is in table, and in tennis. In a twisted ball to play the gathering — you can’t give him to unwind. Exactly the same thing happens with negativity.

Please go on…

Always be polite, even sending. I send all just for “You” — it helps me attract fans to the dispute. Many people who are watching the dispute, has not yet decided for whom they — for white or red. So I try to be very polite and just Troll people. Appreciate it.

Not to fight behind enemy lines

If you hit the alien in a hostile atmosphere, if you are in a foreign branch of Facebook, if you are in the publication where the reporter is configured in relation to you unfriendly, then you have no chance to win — not to be alone against all. You will not hear.

Any abrupt moderate position is better

If there is a conflict — I’m always for friends. I never understand whether they are right or not.

The negative is just as important as the positive. It’s all summed up to recognition you and your brand and company. The worst people — those who know about you, but have not yet made up his mind.

The material was prepared by Maria Marchenko

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