Loboda told the whole truth about your pregnancy and childbirth: published photos

The pregnant singer posted a photo.

Лобода розповіла всю правду про свою вагітність і пологи: опубліковано фото
Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda hastened to answer online rumors that she already gave birth to her second child, reports Rus.Media.

The singer posted a new pregnant photo, signed: “Rumors about me, it is too exaggerated.”

Followers of the singer made her many compliments, and assured that waiting when the baby comes.

But not all fans believed Loboda. Some believe that she provoked the rumors, but others say this is not a rumor and what is truth.

Savichsergey Svetlana, maybe it’s just not rumors?

Sofi.7.07 hiding the stomach Because of the type of intrigue…..Some nonsense….

As previously reported, the followers Loboda suspected that she already had it, but hides this fact. Some even wrote that she was born a girl called Victoria.

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