Little flying acrobats from Ukraine made a splash in the U.S. (VIDEO)

Маленькие летающие акробаты из Украины произвели фурор в США (ВИДЕО)

Young Ukrainians were in the us talent show Little Big Shots and their numbers deeply impressed the Americans. Watch the video and you will understand what children gymnasts wowed the audience.

Video performance of young Ukrainians at the speed of light scattered across the Network and has garnered over 26 million views. Little acrobats called “the Ones that fly in pajamas”. The performance of the guys is both delight, and fear, because the tricks that made the children really dangerous. There were moments when she almost fell down.

Watch the video with the speech of Ukrainians in the United States:

By the way, the little trapeze artists is Kate, Buskandze and Nikita Bychkov from Kharkov. They had previously participated in the show Ukraine’s got talent, after which became famous. And not surprising, because such powers can boast, not every adult. Admirable, isn’t it?

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