In Ukraine, sharply increasing the demand for diesel cars

The growth of sales of cars with diesel engines increased for the fifth consecutive year.

В Україні різко зростає попит на дизельні автомобілі

For four months of the current year Ukraine has seen a steady growth in the demand for heavy fuel. The sales of diesel cars exceed 11 million units, accounting for a record share of 43% of all car sales. It is reported by AUTO-Consalting, reports Rus.Media.

A year ago, the share of cars with internal combustion engines with diesel fuel approaching 40%, and by the end of 2017 was 39.8%. These indicators correspond to the European, now Europe is gradually abandoning the diesel vehicles at that time, as we have their share increases.

As you know these engines are more economical and more accessible the cost of the fuel. The increase of interest of Ukrainians is observed within 15 years. According to AUTO-Consulting, in 2004 the share of diesels in our country does not exceed 1%, while in 2008 the share of diesels already amounted to 5.7% of the market. The most active Supplement say the last five years. In 2013, the share of diesels for the first time exceeded 20%, in 2015 it amounted to 36%, and this year is 43%.

One time our market was filled with “victims of desligada” – Audi and VW, which became the leaders of this rating. While the Audi and the highest proportion of sales of diesel – 92,5%, VW – 72%. Will dig more diesel versions of the Land Rover fans (92%), Renault (85,7%), Mercedes-Benz (69%). the smallest diesels sell the brands: Subaru (0,8%), Infiniti (1,6%), Honda (2,3%), Porsche (7.5 per cent). The most popular diesel models on the Ukrainian market of steel VW Golf, Audi A3, Renault Duster and Renault Logan, Nissan X-Trail.

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