In some cases it is necessary to go on reception to the doctor-pulmonologist

В каких случаях нужно идти на прием к врачу-пульмонологу

17 may — day of the pulmonologist. In this article you will know who is a pulmonologist and when to seek advice and assistance to the specialist.

A pulmonologist is a medical worker involved in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system (lungs, trachea, bronchi). Some diseases of the sphere (a tuberculosis, neoplasms, infection and invasion) for a long time may not show severe symptoms. In that moment, when the clinical picture is typical, to help a patient is very difficult. Therefore, it is important with any complaint promptly consult a pulmonologist and, if necessary, undergo a series of diagnostic procedures.

In some cases, you need to go to a pulmonologist

• when disturbing dry or wet coughing, especially accompanied by weakness and a rise in temperature;

• with the appearance in the sputum of blood in the form of streaks or staining it in a pink color, the discharge of pus, various clusters;

• retrosternal pain, aggravated by breathing and physical exertion;

• difficulty breathing or asthma attacks, especially associated with the inhalation of certain odors;

• if chest x-ray study found changes in the lungs in the form of blackouts in the region of the lung fields;

• when Smoking (in this case physician-pulmonologist need to visit once a year for prevention and early diagnosis of possible diseases);

• during prolonged work in hazardous work associated with the inhalation of cement or lime dust, vapors of solvents, acids or other harmful chemicals (recommended annual inspection).

В каких случаях нужно идти на прием к врачу-пульмонологу

When you need to show the lung of a child

• if chest pain;

• if you experience shortness of breath, especially after exercise;

• bronchial asthma or asthma attacks;

• after suffering tuberculosis;

• if the child suffers from a congenital disease with severe respiratory symptoms (apnea, mucoviscidose);

• congenital malformations of bronchopulmonary system.

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