In Russia, a priest in a cassock in the middle of the city.. beat the man cross

Attack of the priest took place in Novosibirsk during a traffic incident.

У Росії батюшка в рясі посеред міста.. побив людину хрестом

A resident of the Russian Novosibirsk is under attack by Church Minister in a cassock during a traffic conflict in town centre. The priest several times hit him with a cross to the head. The participants of the fight wrote each other statements to the police. This writes citing local media,

The fight occurred on Sunday evening, April 10. As told the participant of the conflict Vadim Maltsev, he was driving a car on elm street in the direction of red Avenue and intended to turn right to the shopping complex. Showed turn, but to drive he was not given Nissan, which blocked the road. The car was with stalled engine while the driver was on the spot.

“I just poklav headlights, two poklav – silence. Signaled. Still honked, but no response, – said Maltsev. – I went out, approached the driver’s side (Nissan was right-hand drive) and show that the window lowered. Say, dear, rules of the road for anyone there? Move the car. And he’s like, excuse me for a quote: Go [censored], my car is broken. This, incidentally, was a lie. It then easily started up and went, when we went to the police station to write statements.”

According to the man, he took from his pocket a small screwdriver and told the driver of the Nissan that, if he did not move the car, puncture the wheels. Maltsev went to the back of the car to create the appearance of attempts to implement his threats. The opponent responded: coming out of the car, he began to cry.

“I was touched that he was swearing to my mother. I took off his hat, removed his glasses and gave him in his left hand, took for his pigtail. I wanted him to apologize for his words. And then it pop in a cassock, he sat in the back seat of the Nissan, and starts beating me with a cross to the head,” – said Vadim Maltsev.

During a telephone conversation with the correspondent of the edition, he was sent to a medical institution – to fix the injury. According to the man, watched about 15 bystanders. The fight was supposed to go on the record of the CCTV cameras installed at the Mall near there.

At the scene, the police were called, to understand the participants in the fight went to the Department of the interior Ministry, where he wrote on each other’s statements. The priest and his driver, told Maltsev, said about the damage to their car.

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