Hungarian Greenpeace demands to punish Ukraine for debris in the rivers

Representatives of the Hungarian branch of Greenpeace demand to punish Ukraine for the pollution of rivers.

Угорський Greenpeace вимагає покарати Україну за сміття у річках

Representatives of the Hungarian branch of Greenpeace sent a letter to the Ministry of internal Affairs, Department of water Management and responsible for the Helsinki Convention concerning pollution of rivers on the border with Ukraine, reports Rus.Media.

“In recent weeks received a lot of complaints, and there are disturbing news in the media that the river Bodrog is suffering due to the amount of household waste, most likely from the Ukraine. The debris probably will continue to do in our country, causing water pollution and worsening environmental problems. This situation should be monitored in accordance with the international Treaty of the Convention of 17 March 1992, signed in Helsinki. It is important that Ukraine and Slovakia are also among the parties to the Convention “, – said in the letter.

In article 2 of the Convention States that the polluter pays. That is, all the costs associated with measures to prevent, control and reduce pollution are borne by the polluter.

“Based on this demand that Ukraine, as co-organizer of transboundary pollution as quickly as possible eliminated it and also responsible for environmental damage that could be caused, and further prevent pollution of rivers,” – said in the message.

Recall that last summer in Transcarpathia netguarder and divers collected fifteen hundred bags of trash.

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