How to save the iPhone from freezing

Как спасти iPhone от замерзания

How to revive iPhone and prevent it freezing, you can read in our material.

Winter is coming, and that means that not only do people need to prepare warm clothes, but also to take care of your favorite gadget, which doesn’t work well in the cold season.

Let’s talk about the iPhone, which users often complain when the thermometer is a big minus. Why does it freeze and how to save him in the cold, read in our material.

Owners of Apple products probably noticed that during cold weather gadget for no reason off and turn it on. The phone can only be run after it a bit warm.

Как спасти iPhone от замерзания

At high temperature and low iOS device is not working properly. There are problems with a sensor, quickly discharged battery, rebooted independently or completely shut off. This leads to the fact that the user remains connected when on the street a strong frost.

To save the gadget, try less to get it from a warm pocket if you need to use it, find a warm room or use a headset.

iPhone should be kept closer to the body. You can put it in the inside pocket of outer clothing, to use a warm cover or while on the street run “heavy” application that will load the CPU, which will lead to heating of the circuit Board and the housing.

If your phone is frozen and passed out, wrapped him in something warm, come in the room and you warm hands, but don’t put on the battery. The rehabilitation warm-up for about 30-40 minutes. But it is worth considering that the developers themselves don’t recommend to use it when it’s minus 20 °C.

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