How to safely and quickly lose weight: 3 main rules

Как быстро и безопасно похудеть: 3 главных правила

Winter dragged on, and with it the “hibernation” of our body, during which he accumulated sweets and fast food in the most dangerous places to keep warm. And here’s to summer just a month left, and you’re still miserably fit into your favorite jeans. Well, begin intensive preparation for the beach season and show you how to lose weight quickly and without harm to health.

The contents

  • 1 In search of truth and unified solution
  • 2 Safe and fast diet: the secret, which is not
  • 3 Effective ways to lose weight without dieting
  • 4 Safe tips for effective weight loss
  • 5 Multiple correct tips

In search of truth and unified solution

The most unpleasant — there are extra pounds centimeters somehow very quietly and insidiously. Suddenly starts suspiciously pop favorite dress, when you can’t wear it, it was hard to climb stairs. All the evidence suggests that it is time to get rid of excess weight. And here, you start to look for what diet is affordable and effective…

Just be warned: there will be no diets women from the “kefir and buckwheat” or “I’m hungry — drink some water”. We want just in moderation: believe me, if you follow the simple and harmless rules, which is exactly like the body, you can lose weight much faster than planned. So, a ritual called “tomorrow will begin to lose weight” starting right now.

But how safely and easily lose weight if low-calorie types of diets Deplete the body, and at such intense pace of life it is extremely difficult to withstand the additional load with their schedule…also to comply with hourly work, all the rules prescribed by the diet, does not always work. Where is the magic method that will help you to look younger get slim and thin waist?

Is he there tried and many women are happy with the results, getting on the scales!

Safe and fast diet: the secret, which is not

Many argue that king can be found on the retinue, and the Queen — weightless graceful gait. But the walk was really beautiful, and the movement of the body during walking smooth and effortless, it is advisable to lose unwanted pounds in a week.

The secret that allows you to lose weight easily and quickly without any problems at home, is to increase the drinking of water almost 3 litres a day. It may seem that this is too much, but to drink you will need during the day, properly allocate the time, then this amount will not seem too intimidating, but even beneficial to health.

Effective ways to lose weight without dieting

To begin to deal without prejudice with excess weight, to finally lose weight easily and quickly at home should be… PM. You need to prepare with a bottle of water, it’s best metered — 350 grams and leave one on the nightstand beside the bed. In the morning, opening his eyes, the first thing a woman sees the way to victory over unwanted pounds in the form of small bottles of water. To go now nowhere to retreat too, and the first step to winning is done! And that’s good news.

Before Breakfast should also be drinking another portion of water. If during the morning meal on the table coffee or tea, this number is also included in the total daily volume. Allowed, not to break the diet, drink any drink from 100 to 300 grams.

Daily dose of water should be 20 minutes before a meal, from 250 to 550 grams as well and before dinner need to make another batch. Note that the dosage is harmless, so the kidneys load is quite acceptable.

After eating should not drink water, wait a few hours! Night — time relaxation and recreation, and the easiest method of weight loss deserves to pay more attention to her. Therefore, you should drink between 350 and 700 grams.

And so gradually from day to day optimal home diet will help to achieve amazing and fast results within few days. Deciding to quickly and safely lose weight through diet may at first be difficult. But nobody promised easy to win in this difficult struggle.

At this time do not want to include in the diet of large amounts of salt, as its presence in the body retains fluid and this will lead to swelling and excess weight. Also avoid sweets and pastries. It is desirable for this period to give up all bad habits.

The body needs each day to acting carbs but in a reduced quantity, preferably together with vegetables and fruits, as they contain vitamins that contribute to a more rapid metabolism.

Rules safe effective weight loss

First, if you want to obtain the desired shape, you must burn more calories than consumed in a week. It is necessary to move more and eat less. For example, if you consume a day is about 1200 calories and over one hour a day to exercise, it is possible for a few weeks to lose 3 to 7 lbs. But do not overdo it, because rapid weight loss can negatively affect health. In order to effectively lose weight and at the same time not to exhaust your body, make physical activity a part of your life. Not necessarily forced to go to the sports section, it is enough to slightly change your lifestyle, paying attention to current trends. Replace to travel, and the rise of the Elevator walking. Bike with friends, run with the dog, squat during commercials on TV, swim in pool, go to the dance.

The following rule for quick weight loss is that experts recommend sticking to a healthy diet and minimize the consumption of animal meat and fat, dairy products, and sugar. Your focus should be on soy products, egg whites, fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken Breasts, shellfish, nonfat dairy products, lean meat. Also at an early stage helps to quickly lose weight up to 2.5 kg limit consumption of starch and salt that inhibit the elimination of fluids from the body, but do not be fooled, because not get rid of fat, but only to quickly withdraw excess fluid.

However, this does not mean that weight loss should completely refrain from any products. Sometimes to treat yourself to something forbidden very useful. Develop a reward system. For example, for the discarded pounds relies one serving of ice cream, candy, or a Cup of sweet coffee.

The third and unequivocal rule is to drink lots of water! In order to effectively lose weight, you should drink only pure water and green tea without sugar. Water is a vital and useful for our body. All other beverages including juices, contain a lot of calories, and often harmful additives that inhibit weight loss. For maximum results, experts recommend before each meal and after administration, to drink one glass of water. This method helps to reduce the feeling of head, as well as to expel harmful substances from the body.

A few tips

Remove forbidden foods from your home that can harm not only health, but also the figure. In order not to jam the boredom or a bad mood, find something interesting to do. Eat only sitting at a table and only his plate. Do not skip regular meals. Try keeping a journal in which You record what You ate. Slowly and chew your food well. The brain requires about 15 minutes to understand that the stomach is full.

A real walk in the fresh air much more efficiently to cope with a bad mood than eating sweet and fatty foods, causing irreparable damage to the figure. To make it easier to resist the temptations, it is better to eat before you leave home, especially if you go to visit or shop. It is important to learn to tell your appetite “not” to feed your body only when it is really necessary and to celebrate their victory over excess weight. Proper prioritization will allow you to quickly believe in themselves, to realize that you’re the best and achieve good results.

As you can see, the best and correct ways to look amazing always — very simple. Soon this approach to losing weight even like and you will flit like a butterfly!

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