How to recover after a workout: phase 4 the resting phase

Как правильно восстановиться после тренировки: 4 этапа фазы отдыха

Whatever your training or aerobic power, muscles need a recovery program. This phase is called post-workout.

Run the final or “finishing off” the gluteus Medius, remember ahead of you rest. To fully recover, follow the following steps.


A sudden stop in physical activity can cause blood flow to the feet, blood pressure drops and you feel dizzy. Cooling is also important and after weight training. After lifting weights, do dynamic stretching. Thus you will reduce your heart rate to a normal level.

Be a cat

After any kind of fitness muscles more elastic and flexible. It’s the best time to stretch, besides, it will help to relieve tension from exercise and to reduce the sensitivity in the body the next day. Through stretching, the blood circulation improves and the muscle recovery.

Как правильно восстановиться после тренировки: 4 этапа фазы отдыха

Fill in the reserves

During any movement the body consumes water. After an intense workout, you should replenish fluid – it helps to reduce the sensitivity of the muscles to increase strength and flexibility. To understand how much water is needed, stand on scales before and after exercise. The difference is the amount of fluid you’ve lost.


The views of researchers about the massage were divided: some are convinced that he plays no role in the recovery after exercise; others believe that massage may speed up the relaxation with a maximum of 50% and to reduce inflammation in the muscles. Here the choice is yours. Try it, if you feel better after a massage, you have to continue.

Working in the recovery phase, remember that all actions aimed at the growth of your muscles and therefore improving the shape. So don’t be lazy and work hard during the “rest”.


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