How to persuade a man to lose weight: sex trick

Как уговорить мужчину сбросить лишний вес: секс-уловка

When training in the gym and changes in diet do not help, come to the aid of sex positions.

I agree that the girl is much easier to motivate to take any action in favor of the figure. With men it’s much more difficult. At the first failure they may give up. And all persuasions to begin to feed on grass, to book in for a super-jumping — unsuccessfully. But not so sad and started. There is one method that works perfectly. Four sex positions that will help your man lose weight fast. Propose and act.


A man sits, his legs stretched out, the girl sits on top, facing him. He moves his body back and forth like a rocking swing. First, 15 fast movements, and then the same thing slowly for 2 minutes. So burned more calories. A man should hold in this position for at least 5 minutes so that the body began to optimally use energy and burn fat. This position replaces a 30 minute run.

Как уговорить мужчину сбросить лишний вес: секс-уловка


In this position the man will need the core muscles and simple furnishings. Picking up a woman on a chair, and then gently dropping on his penis. The man was straining the abdominal muscles, keep your back straight and the knees bent. “Tremors” will replace the man walk at 6.5 km.

Attack from above

He uses his body: from the position “doggy style” leg raises partner to his thighs and stands up. The deltoid muscle will burn with fire, and the cor will not relax. In this position the man can even strengthen-perform sragi — holding the woman’s hips, lifting the shoulders up. This position is a replacement for the deadlift.

XXX racer

A woman rests against the wall, with slightly bent legs. A man enters from behind. Energy — 200 kcal in 10 minutes. It is important to alternate fast and slow shocks, to burn more. The job of the rider is equivalent to 30 minutes on the exercise bike.

Как уговорить мужчину сбросить лишний вес: секс-уловка

According to the materials: Men sHealth

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