How to determine pregnancy without a test: signs of pregnancy early on

For many women, pregnancy is long-awaited happiness. That is why when planning this event, the woman listens to their own feelings, to understand that the pregnancy has finally arrived

Як визначити вагітність без тесту: ознаки вагітності на ранній стадії

.If a woman not previously pregnant, I understand first signs of pregnancy at an early stage can be difficult, reports Rus.Media.

The process of conception

Every pregnancy begins with conception. For this to happen, the egg must be fertilized by sperm. During ovulation the Mature egg exits the ovary and moves through the fallopian tube to the uterus, if it meets with sperm, conception occurs.

The fertilized egg must attach to the wall of the uterus, in order to be able to develop further.

Then the egg begins to divide. So fast that approximately to 8th week of embryonic development, there is a bookmark of vital organs.

Signs of pregnancy to delay

In the early stages can be difficult to determine pregnancy without the use of special tests. However, if you listen to your body, you can see the first signs of early pregnancy. They started due to changes in the body and hormonal surges:

Excessive salivation, which can be not only during meals, but at any other time. Leg cramps, which often occur at night during sleep. A metallic taste in the mouth can appear already in the first week of pregnancy. Increased hair growth on hands, legs, stomach. Furthermore, down from the belly button may appear to light pigmented line. Problems with the gastrointestinal tract – diarrhea, constipation, bloating. A feeling of malaise, as when starting cold. It has often added bouts of fatigue and weakness in the body. The emotional women is frequent change of mood. Failure of the sleep mode, the appearance of insomnia or, conversely, drowsiness. Changes in sexual desire. The woman in the initial stages of pregnancy can lose sexual appetite, or, conversely, want to reach more than usual. Heaviness in the abdomen, which is due to the blood flow to internal sexual organs. Specific tingling in the region of the uterus may occur during the period of attachment of the embryo to the wall of the organ. Nagging pain in the lower back that resemble premenstrual pain.

Headache occurs suddenly and does not stop throughout the day. At the first signs of pregnancy the Breasts may become very sensitive, especially to touch. In some cases, breast sensitivity, on the contrary, may be reduced. The feeling of chills and fever despite the fact that the real rise in body temperature occurs. Increase or loss of appetite. In the first case, a woman may want to eat the most unusual food combinations that I would not have paid attention, not being pregnant. Nausea may occur without any apparent reason and as a reaction to any smell, taste. Often along with nausea can cause heartburn, pain in the stomach. Hypersensitivity to smells can manifest in the form of hostility to like the woman earlier fragrances, as well as the desire to breathe the unpleasant odors previously. A feeling of discomfort in a seated position can occur in the first weeks of pregnancy. In some cases, you may begin to develop an Allergy even if you have previously women have not observed any allergic reactions to anything.

In addition to these first signs of early pregnancy can appear edema of the extremities, especially in the evening, frequent urination, especially at night.

Signs of ectopic pregnancy

Unfortunately, not always attempts to get pregnant end in success. Sometimes, instead of pregnancy can occur ectopic. This means that the fertilized egg stuck outside the uterus – fallopian tube, ovary, abdominal cavity. Signs of pregnancy at an early stage in the development of the ovum outside the uterus are:

Spotting unusual colors – brown, brown. Sharp pain in the abdomen, which is enhanced when changing body position. Weakness in the body, chills, signaling the beginning of the inflammatory process. Lowering blood pressure, which may be accompanied by syncope, General malaise.

In this case, it is crucial to go to the hospital for surgical intervention.

How to determine pregnancy

Define “interesting position” from the early signs of pregnancy to delay menstruation:

Sometimes the early signs of pregnancy to delay menstruation can be added such as increase in breast size, darkening of the areola of the nipple. The sensitivity of the breast, may also indicate the onset of pregnancy. In addition, throughout the “interesting situation” since the first weeks of breast may stand out colostrum – a yellowish or white discharge from the breast, which are the precursors of the appearance of breast milk. Vaginal discharge can also be a sign of pregnancy early on. During ovulation the cervical canal of the cervix begins to produce large amounts of mucus, which contributes to fertilization, while it has the consistency of raw egg whites.

If at the time of ovulation conception occurred, the mucus may continue to be allocated in the same quantity, which indicates the onset of pregnancy. Delay of menstruation is the main symptom of pregnancy at an early stage. The fact that if conception does not occur, the uterus begins to tear away a layer of the endometrium, which was supposed to consolidate the egg, after which he goes out in the form of menstruation. Therefore, if the fetus were fixed on the wall of the uterus, then menstruation does not come.

Data early signs of pregnancy first week are not quite accurate, therefore, in their manifestation, you should buy a pregnancy test at the pharmacy or to resort to other methods of determining the “interesting situation”.

Morning sickness during pregnancy

One of the earliest signs of pregnancy after a delay can be attributed to toxicosis. This is because the body is not ready to accept the fetus and reacts to it as a foreign body. Toxicosis is most often seen in women who have a tendency to hypotension – decrease in blood pressure. Toxicosis may occur as follows:

You receive regular nausea, which sometimes ends with vomiting. Dizziness. A feeling of General malaise. Disgust at the sight of food.

It is not necessary that morning sickness must feel all pregnant women, in some cases, the woman during the period is not experiencing the slightest discomfort. In case, if the toxicity is too strong, it is recommended to seek professional medical help, another may be a threatened miscarriage. Normal with moderate manifestation of toxicity symptoms are 14-16 weeks of pregnancy when a woman’s body gets used to the fruit inside.

When it starts to grow a belly

Як визначити вагітність без тесту: ознаки вагітності на ранній стадії

After knowing the fact of pregnancy any woman starts to take interest in the changes that will occur with her body. First the mother start to wonder what it is like in pregnancy when you start to grow a belly.

Normal noticeable increase tummy starts to 14-15 weeks of pregnancy. However, many women notice it for 5-10 weeks signs and sensations of pregnancy. They also include the beginning of the growth of the tummy. Experts note that in such a small pregnancy belly may start to increase not only from the rapid growth of the fetus in the uterus, but also due to the accumulation of gases in the intestine, which is inevitable for women.

While noticeable rounded belly is getting on the 20th week. About this same time the women need to update their wardrobe to fit the growing tummy.

The growth rate is very important because the physician can identify possible disease – polyhydramnios, oligohydramnios, growth retardation and others.

Analysis of HCG

One of the earliest signs of pregnancy first week is to enhance the body’s level of HCG is a hormone which is secreted by the placenta during gestation. Analysis HCG can be taken in 10 days after conception, it is at this period it will show the presence of pregnancy.

In addition, the delivery of the analysis on hgch provides the ability to track fetal development of the child up to the moment when time will permit to do an ultrasound. This analysis is not expensive, and you can do it in any hospital or laboratory. In order to obtain the most accurate results, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

The day before the delivery of the analysis it is necessary to do light physical work or sports. A blood test is necessary to take on an empty stomach i.e. 4 hours after the last meal. When hormonal therapy should discuss analysis with staff and put them on notice, as some medicines can affect the test results.

A small amount of hormone secreted by the placenta, is in the urine, that drugstore pregnancy tests.

Definition of pregnancy by ultrasound

Noticing the first signs of pregnancy after a week of delay can be referred to a specialist ultrasound for confirmation of pregnancy. In this case, you should remember that the embryo has a size of about 4 mm, therefore, consider it quite difficult. For this doctor needs to have a great experience, and a medical device to be in perfect condition.

Gynecologist during the inspection using the ultrasound diagnosis apparatus notes the following changes in the bodies of women:

The uterus is an elastic body, which with the onset of pregnancy softens and becomes more pliable in addition, after some time, noticeable growth. The vagina also changes. It becomes a different shade, also changes its density.

The method of ultrasound diagnosis is the most informative for determining pregnancy, as it not only confirms or denies its fact, but also gives a detailed picture of the internal reproductive organs or fetal development.

The use of iodine

Many women wonder how to determine pregnancy before the delay without the test. This can be done with ordinary iodine, which is in every home medicine Cabinet. There are two ways that will help to determine pregnancy:

It is necessary to moisten a paper napkin in the morning urine, and then drop in a little iodine. If the stain will acquire a violet hue, it is possible to speak with confidence about the coming of pregnancy. First morning urine should be collected in a container. Then the liquid needs to drop a little iodine. If the drop is quickly dissolved in the urine, the test result is likely negative. In the presence of pregnancy drop for some time to linger on the surface of urine.

Despite the fact that this method is not 100 % guarantee accurate determination of pregnancy, many women continue to successfully use.

Test with soda

Signs and feelings during the first pregnancy can be confusing a woman who never experienced similar symptoms. Finding unusual patterns “interesting position”, the woman will surely want to confirm their suspicions. This can be done by using ordinary kitchen baking soda.

Як визначити вагітність без тесту: ознаки вагітності на ранній стадії

This should be collected in a clean container portion first morning urine. Then you need to drop back a teaspoon of baking soda. If reaction occurs and the liquid starts to hiss and foam, so the woman is not pregnant. If the baking soda will fall off sediment at the bottom of the tank, we are talking about successful conception.

This method, like the method using the iodine, cannot be called 100% accurate, but women who survived, in most cases, confirm its effectiveness.

Grandma’s methods

As previously defined the pregnancy without any tests? There are many folk methods whose effectiveness is proven by centuries of use before the appearance of drugstore pregnancy tests. The most common methods of determining pregnancy at home:

You need to take a clean container and dissolving in the water a little potassium permanganate to the water became pink. Then in the water you need to add a little bit of urine first. If it is dissolved in water pregnancy not if dropped the pellet in the form of flakes, most of all, the woman is preparing to become a mother. The first morning urine must be mixed with red wine in a ratio of 1:1. If the color does not change, then conception has not occurred, if the fluid was turbid and a precipitate appeared, the pregnancy takes place. When using this method, remember that the wine should be all natural, otherwise the accuracy of the method is minimized, it is desirable to use a homemade grape wine. First morning urine is placed in an iron tank and boiled. If a woman is pregnant, it will drop the sediment in the form of flakes.

However, this method should be treated with caution. For example, if a woman has a kidney disease, large amount of protein in the urine may coagulate and be mistakenly taken for a precipitate. It was said that during pregnancy a woman may dream of fresh fish. This method has no scientific basis, however, many young mothers say that in the early stages of pregnancy can really dream of fresh fish. Need to touch his fingers to the belly at 7-8 cm below the navel. You can hear a barely perceptible pulsation, it would indicate pregnancy. Dandelion greens, you need to pour a fresh portion of morning urine. If they soon lost their color and covered with blisters, we are talking about successful conception. A small amount of urine must be mixed with toothpaste. If the test result is positive, then the mix should be liquid of blue color. Also instead of toothpaste you can use chlorine bleach, the result will be the same. Guessing on bulb onions. For this you need to put in the two cups of the onion and make, which stands for pregnancy and what is not. Which one is faster will grow to a size of 4 cm, then the result is positive.

it is worth remembering that the popular methods of determining pregnancy is not give 100% result, so to obtain reliable information, it is recommended to use a drugstore pregnancy tests or use the services of medical institutions.


Undoubtedly, pregnancy is an unusual condition for any woman. That’s why the expectant mother is asked what first signs of pregnancy in the early stages, in order to be able to determine “interesting position”. There are many signs and symptoms, however this does not mean that a woman will feel them all for yourself. It frequently happens that the expectant mother notices changes in your body on an intuitive level or at all does not know about a conception until the moment of menstruation.

In any case, since the definition of pregnancy, a woman should contact the clinic for registration. This is to ensure that doctors had the opportunity to follow the development of the fetus and pregnancy.

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