How to check the quality of drugs: the instruction from the Ministry of health

Как проверить качество лекарств: инструкция от Минздрава

Suprun has produced a useful collection of resources where you can learn about the authenticity of medical products.

Acting Minister of health Suprun said that at least in Ukraine and operates a system which controls the quality of pharmaceuticals in circulation, but the probability of counterfeit drugs is high. To protect yourself from counterfeiting need to test medicines for authenticity. How to do it? Follow the instructions of the Ministry of health.

To check the pharmacy

To buy drugs in specially designated areas — pharmacy. Not afford medications in kiosks, subways, the Internet or from individuals. each pharmacy must have a license for the retail sale of drugs. Information about the availability of documents, as a rule, can be found in the consumer area. If it isn’t, ask the pharmacist.

Inspect the integrity of the packaging

Packaging must be undamaged. Each drug has mainly 2 packaging: primary and secondary. The primary packaging (blister foil, ampoule, vial) in direct contact with the drug. Secondary packaging (usually a cardboard box) to protect the primary. You should always verify the information on both packages, it must converge.

Как проверить качество лекарств: инструкция от Минздрава

The name in Braille

Except for the name of the drug in Braille on the packaging can be provided additional information, in particular different product, preventive, environmental and other signs which are recommended by international organizations.

Useful resources:

• check the state registration of the drug in the State register of medicines of Ukraine;

• official information about the identified counterfeit and substandard medicines is regularly posted on the website of the State service of Ukraine on drugs and drug control;

• the application of Drug Control: instructions for medicines, control of counterfeits according to a specific algorithm, was analogs of drugs.

Как проверить качество лекарств: инструкция от Минздрава

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