How to buy tickets: real tips that will help you to save

Как выгодно купить билеты: реальные советы, которые помогают экономить

It’s a lot easier than it looks!

Going on a vacation, but the prices for tickets bite? Do not despair, there are several ways to save on your flights. How to order tickets and how to buy tickets, read our material!

Как выгодно купить билеты: реальные советы, которые помогают экономить

How to buy cheap airline tickets?

Use the power of the Internet! There are a huge number of online services that help find tickets. The essence of services such as Air-Pilot — compare price for the customer hundreds of airlines and pick the best offer.

Don’t fall for a low price. In recent times it has become popular for flights to select low-cost company. Their prices are below market, but at the same time, but also a number of services in such flights is not available. For example, power, or transportation of Luggage. But if you do decide on low-cost flights, be careful — most likely the amount for which you pay, will greatly exceed the initial price of the ticket. So, for example, the company may additionally charge for Luggage or for flight check-in.

Как выгодно купить билеты: реальные советы, которые помогают экономить

How to find cheap airline tickets?

Usually tickets go on sale 330 days before departure. Practice shows that it is cheaper to book tickets two months prior to departure. Experts recommend to take off in the middle of the week when most flights, except for business lines, almost empty, and therefore, the tickets are cheap.

Don’t forget to check prices on nearby dates. So it is possible to find a more favorable air tickets.

How to order ticket with a floating date? Thanks to companies like Air-Pilot, it can be done in just a few clicks away.

Here are some tricks that will help you save money on buying tickets:

— Track promotions and special offers.

— Choose indirect flights. This may not be very convenient, but much cheaper.

— View flights from other cities. It is sometimes advantageous to depart from the capital or from nearby towns. The difference is sometimes very significant.

Как выгодно купить билеты: реальные советы, которые помогают экономить

How to buy tickets online?

Many probably wondered “how to buy tickets online?” It turns out that it is very simple.

In fact, many sites have a fairly simple navigation which will help not only quickly, but also without too much difficulty to find the right tickets at the right time. Here is an example on the website Air-Pilot.

Simply follow the link, fill in the required fields (where the plane crashes, where and when to arrive) and you will get all the possible options to buy tickets online.

How to book ticket?

As we said, book your ticket completely not difficult. Now we will write a small manual:

  • Go to the site.
  • Fill the required fields (from, where, date of departure and return, number of persons and class).
  • Literally after 10 seconds you will get all the possible options. It remains only to choose and book.

This whole process will take you no more than 10 minutes. By the way, we did it on the website Air-Pilot, so suggest you search and book tickets there!

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