How long can you live without sex?

Сколько можно прожить без секса?

Sex is important but not the main component in a relationship.

For any normal man, and any normal woman’s sex is one of the basic needs. The same as to eat, sleep and be safe. In the matter of sex the woman answers on the activity and expressions of sympathy on the part of men that she likes. Her more important and interesting the man himself, she’s not interested in sex as such.

It happens that you are all given work, of course, that time for personal life is simply no. You’re kind and ready for intimacy, but there is no suitable men, and sleep with the first comer do not want to. Or after breaking up with a man you haven’t had sex in over a year, what’s more, you don’t feel a great need. And so begins a “break”. Is this normal? Let’s find out how such a break could affect women’s health.

Сколько можно прожить без секса?

How to live without sex is normal for women?

Meets Mikhail Koryakin, urologist-andrologist of “Medical rehabilitation center”, doctor of medical Sciences:

A woman can live without sex, until you make a choice. And not among casual acquaintances. No matter how corny it sounds, but the greatest pleasure from sex a woman (unlike, by the way, men!) can get only if you are experiencing feelings for their partner, who she likes and with whom she is ready to start a family. Because global challenge in women — building a family, not having fun. Desire second comes later, when the first has already been achieved. Reproductive period in women is short. She let it on the biochemical level in the body — understand and, of course, seeks to find a second half faster and uses sex solely to attract men. The belief that without sex to live a long time harmful, have no basis as idea of stagnation in the pelvic organs during a long abstinence.

And yet sex with a natural climax — orgasm — is not cool, beautiful phenomenon! If you work in the women’s team, time to search for men dream, but to sleep around desire does not arise, then you should start:

  • to communicate with the opposite sex
  • pay attention to those who are not indifferent to you
  • make new friends,
  • to date.

Сколько можно прожить без секса?

A tight schedule? No time even to eat? People will always find time for businesses, really important to him! Love yourself, prioritize. If you feel that there is a need to close appeared the one on whom you can rely, then it is time to act. Today it is very easy to strike up an acquaintance on the Internet. And instead of eating in the office, choose a decent restaurant not far from work.

Weekly, go on 2 dates — only this way will help you to achieve the desired goal to build relationships, and complaints that there is no time for personal life, they themselves will disappear. Do not have to set up a meeting in the evening, you can arrange it at lunchtime (remember the tip about the lunch break in the restaurant?).

Bring everyone more time for yourself — it will give you strength and confidence! And if your job requires almost round-the-clock presence and attention, then most likely it’s time to change it!

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