History: as treated Masturbation in ancient times

История болезни: как лечили онанизм в древние времена

Masturbation is a waste of male and female seed or normal?

From a religious point of view autoeroticism is one of the sins against nature. Engaged in self-satisfaction men and women can do it alone and in groups, using imaging or medical journals with anatomical drawings.

In ancient medicine “Sin of Onan” has been considered as: all the fluids of the human body must be in healthy balance and this requirement applies to both the basic juices (blood, phlegm, yellow and black bile), and more — urine, saliva, sexual fluids. Their excess or deficiency destroys health and makes his body lethargic and painful.

The doctors saw in the Masturbation empty waste men’s or women’s seed as well as a great harm, the cause of such diseases as epilepsy, convulsions, aches, apoplexy, blindness, fever, tuberculosis, smallpox and madness. The first publication about the illness, the treatise “Masturbation” (1760) doctor Simon Andre Tissot. In Russian it was published in 1793 and was immediately interpreted as a warning.

История болезни: как лечили онанизм в древние времена

“Masturbation”, Roleder (monograph)


Tissot explained the loss of vitality as a result of self-excitation, loss of useful moisture content and the cessation of natural evaporation: muscles fade, the seed loses the ability to conceive and dries the brain. The loss of the seed deprived of blood, “balsamic the beginning” and made it watery and impotent, which explained the tendency of masturbators to boredom and suicide.

If for some chance wankers produced offspring, that it bore the stamp of degeneration and parent weaknesses: rickety and pale “create with slant legs, with an imperfect physical development, with early mind peculiar to middle age, — the creatures who with an old man with dull eyes play with dolls before maturity final look at the grave.”

Suffering from Masturbation women were prone to hysteria and other diseases of the uterus, suffered from jaundice, backache and cramps. Amid Masturbation all other diseases were twisted and taken the wrong course, complicating their diagnosis and treatment.

Treatment and prevention

Doctors have been advised not to treat the disease and prevent it, avoiding in the education of children of everything that could excite in them an early sexual attraction and desire for self-gratification. Threat was recognized razgoraetsya food (meat, spices, cheese, chocolate, pickles), alcoholic drinks, tea and coffee; swaddling clothes tight clothes; uneducated nurse who comforted a crying baby by stroking the genitals; early release, or otherwise agitated sensuality. Rising from the Tissot requirement that children sleeping with hands on the blanket, survived until the end of the Soviet era.

История болезни: как лечили онанизм в древние времена

Male corset for the treatment of Masturbation. France, 1822

Adults were instructed treatment Spartan lifestyle, a strict diet based on soups, cereals and soft boiled eggs and thoughts about marriage, which was to keep the patient within vandergeest). Doctors also recommend frequent change of employment, strengthening techniques of Hina and iron filings, fumigation genitals and a cool shower to lower body.


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