“He took me down”: Lyudmila Putin spoke about the relations with Russian President

Ex-wife of the President of Russia Lyudmila told about the beginning of her relationship with Cgblog Vladimir Putin.
Some interesting details from his personal life described in the book of Oleg Blockage “Vladimir Putin. The road to power”.

"Він брав мене змором": Людмила Путіна розповіла про стосунки з президентом Росії

Below is the entire excerpt: monologue Lyudmila Putina.

"Він брав мене змором": Людмила Путіна розповіла про стосунки з президентом Росії


… Well remember the first meeting with the parents of Vladimir… He only just bought the most fashionable at the time stereo “Russia” and on this occasion was me and two friends… Then, I remember, I went to the kitchen, and there was the mother of Vladimir — Maria Ivanovna. We got something to say, and here all the same Alex [a friend of Vladimir Putin, which they were introduced — ed.] comes into the kitchen asking Maria Ivanovna: “As You Folk?”. And she answers: “Yes, of course, she did. But he already had People. Good girl…” And further stuff like that. I have a little tears from his eyes, not sprayed… I must admit, I was a very unpleasant, painful and sad…

Our relationship with Vladimir Putin was developing quite smoothly. Can be was not always rosy, but it is stable. However, they had one strange thing: two months — everything is normal, then some negativity, confusion, and then again all is well.

If talking about your feelings, it wasn’t a momentary fad. You know how it is: I met a man and immediately fell in love. That’s never happened. For the first time in my life, I gradually fell in love with the person. Gradually got used to and loved.

… Dating is a special story. I was never late, and Vladimir Vladimirovich — permanently. Half an hour — it was in order. But knowing this, I couldn’t come late. And suddenly, I thought, today he will appear on time. (By the way, late of Vladimir I to this day have not accepted it.)

I remember standing in the subway. The first fifteen minutes of lateness is kept normally half an hour — too like anything. But when an hour passes, and its all there, just crying from the hurt. And an hour and a half already do not feel any emotions…

No relationship, when they finally appeared Mr President, I don’t know. During those six hours will survive so that no forces no longer had emotions. So Mr Putin into submission I took down.

And delay is always due to the work, which, by the way, Vladimir Vladimirovich was punctual. And in his personal life he was relaxed. Well, where else?..

We must pay tribute to Vladimir Putin — he was always the same: never meant and didn’t pretend to be someone he really wasn’t. Vladimir Vladimirovich had not flaunted his behavior, principles and the fact that he is like this. He was just being SO. Mr President never said, but I understood that he is and never will be different. Similar behavior was honest.

… I think, Leningrad left a definite imprint on Vladimir Putin… There is still my husband some kind of secrecy, which, incidentally, been characteristic of his parents…

Once we went to a party where I’m probably too relaxed behaved: danced, had fun, laughed. Vladimir Vladimirovich did not like it, and it was quite clearly stated that our future relationship is impossible. At that moment I realized — I have to go. I even did not argue, because all has been said strongly enough. Especially because I belong to those people who understand the word, its significance. And resentment for not been told. Because to me honestly, he said everything right in the eyes.

I left… I have to admit, it was very hard. Very! And in two weeks we approach the apartment door, and it pinned a little note: “Yes, darling, it’s me.” And — phone number…

Subsequently, Mr Putin said that his trip “came out”… Well, if you came, why not to go…
I remember at the meeting I was crying, declarations of love, saying that Mr Putin is necessary for me. Then I went to see him off… But our relationship was still uncertain…

The fact that Vladimir Vladimirovich our life together I felt — exactly. Always had the feeling that he was kinda watching over me-I now accept the decision, correct or not, if I can take a test.

I remember, in 1981 we started skiing… Just at some point, he suddenly proposed to start to ride in them. Not even that was offered. He didn’t ask my opinion. For Vladimir it was taken for granted that we will start to ski…

Ski suits were scarce… So we did without them, and we were, frankly, terrible.

We went to Lagolovo. Now, after time this trip, it seems something incredible… I had to get on the chaise: the tram, then the subway, then the train. On the way from home to the base took an hour and a half…

The instructors we had. Studied themselves. Put on skis and went as God put per capita.

The equipment was expensive: skis, boots, etc. in Fact, since all the funds were to go to this hobby. Sometimes even money on theatre tickets not remain…

Vladimir always had a car when we met — “Zaporozhets”.

I remember there was a time when the car was missing the muffler, and without him in the second half of the night we went on Peter. Apparently Vladimir Putin wanted to show me the city at night and also, probably, “to present a” personal car, which at that time was extremely prestigious. So when Vladimir Vladimirovich was quite a lad.

And, from my point of view, the story of the silencer seemed pointless. I come here just for four days, and I just want to be alone, to communicate with Volodya. At the same time I completely indifferent, will be “Zaporozhets” or not. But Mr Putin apparently wanted to ride me in the car, so he spent the whole day searching for that wretched muffler. I do this all the time spent at the hotel. Was terribly hurt: so to kill one day out of four, in order to ride through the night city by car… without a silencer.

Then “Cossacks” along with the garage was sold and with the money bought another car — “Zhiguli”, “four”. We went to our honeymoon with friends — a husband and wife who had their own car.

Here then, for me, was the surprising discovery that Vladimir Putin in the team never pretend to be the palm. The lead he gave more active person. The man, Sasha, was such and was constantly planning our days, and Mr Putin willingly obeyed. Perhaps because of that the month we spent without even a hint of any quarrel, very calm and friendly…

If to speak about the black sea, for the first time together with Vladimir Putin we went to Sudak in the summer of 1981…

Remember, I was cooking, because Mr Putin flatly refused to go to table catering. At that time, stores were empty, and the products had to buy in a market where prices were quite high. Had to contrive something there to buy and not much spending money.
I cooked for two, but from time to time came the guys are pals of Vladimir — Vlad and Victor. The hostess was terribly unhappy, as usually rooms in the apartments were rented without the right to cook in the kitchen…

On a trip Mr Putin took a spear gun, fins, mask and a mattress. The sea was far from home — about a half hour walk. I remember there was a small Peninsula. From the shore it was difficult to pass, especially with a gun. It was easier to swim across. And at that moment I was just floating on the water and with great difficulty. Learned to swim later. And here on this mattress, at the risk of actually my life, I periperals on this island. Volodya swam around.

The sun was beating down mercilessly, and nowhere to hide — full of rocks around. I then, badly burned, and then the skin just peeled from his shoulders. And Mr Putin spent an hour under water with a gun until he died from the cold. He tried to shoot the fish.

And suddenly I see: happy emerges, and in the hands of the arrow, which is beating a small fish of twenty inches. And with such a triumphant appearance emerges. But this is under water fish seems almost in two times more than it actually is. Then from this I made fish soup. Here we have game was.

I do not remember how it turned out, they swam back alone. Most likely, Mr Putin went to the beach, and I was afraid because there was a very narrow passage in the rock. Apparently I said I will move by swimming. Volodya gives you a gun and asks:

— Toplevel?

The gun in the water seemed easy.

— Yes, — I answered.

But when I clumsily swam and lifted the gun, then realized with horror that it was very heavy and I don’t swim. At that moment I was seized with such a panic that I didn’t remember how we swam. Later, I could not understand how they got to the shore.

So it’s always a situation that did not allow to relax. All the time I had something to fight for: skiing, mountains, water.

I got married three and a half years after meeting, on 28 July 1983. By the way, for all the past since the time we never celebrated a wedding anniversary…

Though I never hinted at marriage, we knew that sooner or later have to decide: either towards minus or plus.

But Vladimir Vladimirovich has not suffered, if, say, the girl began to push at him, to hint or to bring their conversations to the topic of marriage. Even if accidentally touched on a similar theme, Vladimir Vladimirovich her instantly suppressed. He ironically refers to those conversations and believed that the decision should be taken by man…

Mr Putin made the proposal all the rules of classic: he declared love and proposed to set a wedding date for July. It was all done on form. And even a bit artificially.

Remember how it was.

We sat at Volodi in the room and he suddenly says:

— Well, dear, you know my character. It is quite heavy. And now, in principle, you should probably decide in life.

I just shoonoo everything inside.

And when Vladimir Vladimirovich thus started the conversation, I realized that he decided to break the relationship. But even at that point, I answered as I thought:

— You know, I decided. I need you.

Volodya said:

Well, if so, then I suggest you to marry me. I love you. Do you agree?

— Yes, I agree.

— If you do not mind, — concluded Vladimir Putin, let our wedding will be held July 28, three months.

So at the end of April, we declared my love…

I really don’t remember, then shouted “Bitterly!”. Probably, shouted. Should have… And don’t remember how we kissed…

Then we went on a wedding trip by car. Arrived to Kiev… In my opinion, even in the theater were. Photos, unfortunately, not preserved. We had the camera and black-and-white film to it. I’m even taking pictures of something, though she could not. Then these undeveloped film lying around the house, and after a while we threw them away. So our honeymoon was left without photos.

… Remember, eighty kilometers to Nikolaev we have the radiator began to boil, and the rest of the way we skidded buddy on the cable at the nodes and only a meter and a half long. Arrived to Nikolaev, and there all night the men had the damage fixed, and then moved on.

They arrived at Yalta… And from Yalta came back through Moscow because Vladimir Putin was there any case. And while he was engaged, I lived with our satellites. So we spent our honeymoon…

… Vladimir Vladimirovich me about absolutely nothing and never talked. My next question: “so, what did you do today?”, it is always the same as usual joked: “Before lunch, caught, after lunch let go.” And all…

By the way, Mr Putin, I never said he was a KGB officer. When we met, he said that working in the criminal investigation, and I was confident a year and a half… I had a friend, the wife of a friend of Vladimir Putin, it was from her I learned that he works at KGB… I Think that most likely she did it on behalf. It was necessary to Vladimir Putin to get out of the situation. So he chose this way. But what about a way I guess, but still don’t know for sure.

After this news the feeling was not pleasant… At that moment it was a signal that I still don’t quite trust.

In my opinion, after talking with a friend I asked Vladimir Putin say so? And he said, Yes, it is. But I do not remember…

Then there was the one case that I still remember.

It looked so. We agreed with Vladimir Putin that I’ll call him at seven in the evening. In a communal apartment on Vasilevsky had no phone and I went to a phone booth. Within a half hour I went and made a call, because Volodya came home only at half past eight.

Dark. And so at dusk, I once again came to the machine, to no avail and called back.

Suddenly I see — follow me young man. The street is empty. And I have to enter the archway through which you get to the lot and only from it are locked.

The young man is a first quick step. I also added step. He has a quick step and I also. He ran — and I ran.

And then he yells to me:

— Girl, wait, I won’t hurt. Just want to talk to you. Only two seconds.

And quite sincerely screaming. What is called — from the heart.

I stopped, and he runs up and says:

The girl is destiny. This is the fate! How I’d love to meet you!

— What are You, what fate! — answer.

— Oh, please, I beg you, give me your phone.

— I have no phone.

— Then write mine.

— I will not. I’m sorry, but it’s still not meant to be.

But what if You change your mind? Write down just in case.

— No case can not be.

He turned and was gone.

Wasn’t thinking that it could be some kind of test. But then, when I learned that Vladimir Putin is working in the KGB, he remembered the case. Many times I asked him about it, but every time he declined to answer. So still don’t know what it was — check or just an attempt of some young man to meet me.

I did not think it immoral to see people in such a situation. It was necessary somehow to find out the moral principles of man. Who knows, maybe after marriage I will be with the first comer on the street to get acquainted.

However, at that time, I never thought about any kind of inspections. Let check!..

I was never mad because of the work of Vladimir. Work is work. Angered and hurt, and it is unclear why Mr President could say that would be, say, nine o’clock, and not come at this time. But it’s not so bad. The husband never called back to inform on how much is delayed. Because I had plans for the evening. Maybe not as rich and important, but nevertheless they have always been. And if my husband said that he would come home at nine, and come back in twelve all three hours I couldn’t find a place, I waited. There is nothing limitline than wait and catch.

Wait, of course, worried, every time I think about Vladimir Putin. Get angry, then offended, then be upset. During this time, experiencing a lot of emotions. Moreover, in all the years together I never learned to switch to some other business. I only do that waiting for him. There’s no other way…

In fact, I’ve always obeyed the wishes of Vladimir Putin. He was advised to enroll in Spanish Department after graduating from the rabfak… Then Volodya says, “You would at the same time she finished a course in typewriting”… Under the visor and a course in typing. And this is the fourth year when I was pregnant with Mary…

I remember when Masha was born, on the second or third day I called him to find out his opinion on the name. I always wanted a girl named Natasha. I had a friend Natasha, and in General really liked that name. But Mr Putin said: “No, she’ll be Mary”.

I am in tears. I wanted to see was Natasha. But then I realized that there is no choice and the girl will still be Mary. Then I thought to myself: “Okay. Because my favorite aunt was also named Mary”…

Just three days later Mr Putin left. Because he did not diapers, food, cooking breakfasts, Lunches, dinners, I became even easier after his departure, because it was necessary to take care of two — her husband and child, and so I was left with only Mary…

… When I arrived in Dresden, it was in the seventh month of pregnancy. Thus never went to the doctor — didn’t have time. I remember we went to the doctor and he scolded me, scolded. It turned out that I have a very low hemoglobin. And why would he be high?

Imagine: I’m pregnant with Kate in the seventh month, Masha — on the one hand, a bag of groceries in the other and walk to the sixth floor. And then on the landing of the second floor facing the husband with the wife and see me climbing up. Dumb. The man’s eyes become large as large. He could breathe, “Folk, well, don’t you?” Then my husband takes Masha, a bag and takes them to the sixth floor. But that was once. And I have day trips out at least three. Then, you know, a neighbor said several times to her husband: “Volodya, you have to help. Need help, Volodya!”

But it did not take special action since Vladimir was a woman in the house have to do everything. So he never took any part in the household…

… Frankly, neither then nor now to prepare I do not like.

Mr Putin in the food a person cranky. If a dish does not match his ideas about a meal as such, he would like to opt out. So everything becomes sluggish and the more will crack up. There is a category of men who hungrily wrapped around plate after plate, constantly praising: how to eat, how wonderful!

And Supplement please. I always wish my husband was eating and saying: as good as great! And I was always jealous of women who have such husbands.

In our family, everything happened differently.

Come, Volodya, let’s say for lunch. I, of course, lay on the table. Husband eats. I with a sinking heart, waiting for the reaction. It is not.

— As meat? — I can not stand.

— Dry.

For me, it’s that a knife to the heart. I tried so hard for the meat went, then cooked. We can say all his soul. And quickly!

So I gradually began to experience an aversion to the kitchen. Including because never had to wait for at least some praise. If something was really tasty, the consensus was that good.

Although, on the other hand, there is the famous phrase: do not praise a woman not to mess it up. So Vladimir Vladimirovich, I was always trained, kept, so to speak, in a tone…

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