Grandma propeller: 97-year-old swimming champion

Бабуля с пропеллером: 97-летняя чемпионка по плаванию

The youth today is no pens in the pool, although all the conditions for that. But active grandmother, whose age is approaching a hundred, winning medals at tournaments in swimming, studying at University and just live.

In childhood Ruth Thompson was often sick, so physical activity in her life was not enough. After almost 90 years of active grandmother decided to catch up.Today she is a champion of the National Senior Games and has more than one medal in the competitions in swimming. Ruth was 92 years old when she took part in his first tournament.

To 75 years she was a regular lady. No sport, except for rare bike, only work, home and occasionally playing the piano. At one point, Ruth realized the boredom of his existence and the fact that the body still is not getting younger, and getting older, with it fast enough. Waving his hand to the entreaties of friends to sit at home and watch TV, having lived recent years, the woman has decided not to sit still, and act, and live.

Бабуля с пропеллером: 97-летняя чемпионка по плаванию

Future athlete just beginning to exercise. Through being a coach in a country house guests suggested that she try swimming. After the first success she decided to take part in the competition. Ruth’s life has changed a lot since then. Now grandma rushes to workout and not sit at home knitting.

Бабуля с пропеллером: 97-летняя чемпионка по плаванию

Ruth began to compete in ‘ 92. Now she’s 97 years old and have not “on the chest” an impressive pile of medals and achievements. While the woman has enough energy to play the piano in the Church choir and… training at the University. At the high school grandma agreed that it will not pass the exam and get the diploma, it is not necessary. It is important to listen, to learn something new, to engage in dialogue, to train your brain — action for the active individual.

Бабуля с пропеллером: 97-летняя чемпионка по плаванию


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