Fruits while on a diet – what could be better?

Фрукты во время диеты – что может быть лучше?

Fruits while on a diet will help to become slim. Only a week – and minus five pounds is guaranteed. Can’t count the number of eaten calories. You’re going to lose weight naturally easily, with pleasure and visible results. Eat fruits, become better, slimmer, prettier!

The contents

  • 1 Fruit diet: vitamin metamorphosis
  • 2 Fruits during the diet: a list of useful fruit
  • 3 Fruits during the diet: table
  • 4 Fruits during the diet: output

Fruit diet: vitamin metamorphosis

Fruit diet is an excellent option for weight loss. Of course, in the summer it is easiest to observe. But in winter on the supermarket shelves have enough apples, oranges, kiwi… However, whether or to lose weight in the winter? Read on and learn the answers to the most pressing issues for dieters: “What are useful fruits you can eat, what can not? How many of them are allowed to eat to lose weight? What can be diluted with fruit menu? And finally, what are the vegetables you can eat during a fruit diet?”

Nutritionists recommend to use for weight loss seasonal fruits. After all, they bear maximum benefits. Experts say that it is better to start fruit diet in the summer or fall. In this period the nature pleases us with his vitamin abundance. Of course, you can and in the winter or spring to sit on a fruit diet – no one stops. Only vitamins in frozen food or fresh rested a lot less than those that have literally just been plucked from the branch.

Fruit the best helpers in the fight against obesity – citrus, green apples and pineapples. By the way, the apples must be eaten with the peel. Many of it somehow disappeared. But in fact it is the main source of vitamins. Choose sweet apples from sour only more will want to eat.

It is better to refuse from high-calorie banana, persimmon, mango, grapes, avocado. Achieving maximum effect from weight loss, follow the recommendations of nutritionists. Give preference to the fresh products that grow in your region. Of course, if you have the desire to dilute your fruit diet “overseas” guests, add menu, grapefruits, pineapples, oranges.

Salt and sugar as well as alcohol and flour products during the fruit diet should not be. On the day you should drink half to two liters of water, allowed green tea, juice without sugar in the morning – a Cup of coffee. Better razbaby your fruit diet with nuts, seeds. Can do fruit salad and fill it with low-fat yogurt. Will be useful, and freshly squeezed juices, fruit casseroles with cinnamon. Eating so you’re going to lose weight and provide the body with essential vitamins. But long-term use a fruit diet is impossible. Better to take a break. And, if necessary, after a month or two to reiterate fruit “therapy”.

Combining the allowed fruits and vegetables, the body will be well cleansed. If you eat fresh cabbage with apples or apples with carrots, thanks to the used tissue, will improve not only the figure but the complexion. Fruit can be used Beijing cabbage, blue cabbage, and broccoli. Permitted salad with beet and Apple. But despite the usefulness of the vitamins are in the fruit diet and its contraindications.

Fruits while on a diet: a list of useful fruit

Let the list of helpful fruits and berries will be there in front of you. Find out how some of them useful. And what will cause only harm. Major need with the maximum benefit for themselves.

You can diversify your fruit diet berries. Spoil yourself with delicious raspberries or strawberries. Choose what kind of berries you like. And eat only as much as is enough for you to quench hunger. The main thing – do not stop off abroad 1,000 calories per day.

The list of allowed fruits and berries, the amount of calories in them:

  • Grapefruit (100 grams of product 29 calories) – this citrus with bright red flesh is excellent for weight loss. In addition, it helps to prevent the formation and spread of cancer cells, has an antioxidant effect. The sodium contained in it, increases the feeling of satiety.
  • Oranges (100 grams of product 35 calories). For weight loss low-calorie eat also oranges. One orange fruit medium size will provide the body with a daily norm of vitamin C. the Fruit is ideal for weight loss. It is perfectly compatible with carrot salad.
  • Strawberry (100 grams of product 41 calorie). Juicy red berry loves almost everyone. This fruit will help you to gain slim figure. The benefits of strawberries is unmistakable. Allergy sufferers need to be careful in its use and citrus.
  • Apricot (100 grams of product 44 calories). Next on the list for the most effective weight loss apricots. These low-calorie berries are also rich in vitamins C, And fiber.
  • Currants (100 grams of product 44 calories). Unpretentious delicious berries contain many necessary for human body trace elements. Eating berries during the diet, you will not only lose weight but also to improve the quality of their hair. As well as significantly improving the immune system.
  • Peaches (100 grams of product 46 calories) in recent years not only grown in the southern regions. As our climate over the last 20 years has changed greatly and in the summer season temperature rolls, peach trees fruit well in other climatic zones of the country. Summer peaches are in abundance. In composition they are similar to apricots. For weight loss will be effective as freshly squeezed juices and mixed with carrots, an Apple or used in its pure form.
  • Raspberries (100 grams of product 46 calories) – its healing properties have long been known. You can make out of it and drink mint tea is useful and tasty. Best of all at one time to eat 100 grams of juicy berries. After 30 minutes, consume other fruits or berries. For weight loss raspberry fits perfectly, because it contains lipolytic enzymes, which are excellent fats.
  • Apples (100 grams of product 47 calories). These fruits regulate metabolism, improve digestion. They can every day to add to the diet, combine with nuts or vegetables and lose weight successfully.
  • Cherries (100 grams of product 47 calories) is also included in the list of dietary berries. The maximum they will benefit from in the morning. Make a cherry Breakfast, substituting a handful of berries tea and lose more weight on health!
  • Pineapple (100 grams of product calories 49) fit for weight loss including. They have an excellent ability to break down fats. This miracle fruit is just a unique fat burner. Besides, pineapple helps to improve digestion, has a mild laxative effect. With it, your extra pounds will go away easily.

List of vegetables that are compatible with the fruit, for diet:

  • celery (100 grams — 12 calories);
  • cucumber (100 grams — 15 calories);
  • lettuce (100 grams — 15 calories);
  • Chinese cabbage (100 grams — 16 calories);
  • tomatoes (100 grams — 20 calories);
  • pumpkin (100 grams — 21 calorie);
  • spinach (100 grams — 22 calories);
  • red cabbage (100 grams — 24 calories);
  • cabbage (100 grams 27 calories);
  • broccoli (100 grams — 28 calories);
  • carrots (100 grams — 32 calories);
  • beet (100 grams 49 calories).

Fruits while on a diet: table

Despite the fact that fruits, vegetables and berries mostly considered low-calorie and diet, some of them can harm the diet. The most dangerous weight loss are grapes and banana. It write about them, as the banned, almost all the sources. However, apart from these, there are other fruits, the use of which during the diet it is better to limit.

The list of fruits, berries and vegetables which will cause harm during the diet (100 grams of product):

The name of the fruit Sucrose,

100 grams


100 grams

mango Of 6.97 67 calories
grapes 0,5 70 calories
garnet 0,2 80 calories
banana 2,39 80 calories
potatoes 0,6 90 calories
corn Of 2.06 110 calories
avocado 0,06 169 calories

Fruits while on a diet: output

Is it worth to forget about training during the fruit diet? And why is it important not to turn the diet too much? What should pay attention to effective weight loss?

Most seeking to lose weight people believe that during the fruit diet exercise it is better to postpone. Supposedly a limited-calorie diet plus exercise is an incredible stress to the body. In fact, however, the training mode is necessary and important. The body will become fit and resilient. Just need to reduce the load and do not eat fruits two hours before workout. Otherwise they will give the opposite result.

Choosing a delicious fruit diet, life again can sparkle with bright colors, because the weight in just a week will be reduced by five pounds. But it was fixed and never came back, start to eat proteins gradually and in small portions. About parties, alcohol and cakes while forget.

Weight loss will only be effective if you will add first to the diet of boiled egg. The next day, a piece of whole wheat bread and buckwheat. Then fish and gradually all the other food. And under no circumstances do not abandon the products that were used during the fruit diet. It is important here is the systematic increase in caloric intake.

Don’t forget about more strength training. He reached the mark of 2200-2800 calories, eat usual. I hope that after the fruit diet you change your relationship to food. And you shall choose those products that have maximum benefits for the body. Of course, to deprive himself of holidays should not. But they should not be almost every day. Try to eat balanced. And successfully, keep the result achieved!

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