Folk omens on 17 may – the memory of a Saint Palagai

On 17 may, the villagers tried to procure material that can be used for the manufacture of wooden spoons.

Народні прикмети на 17 травня - пам&#039ять Святої Палагеї

Said the man who was born 17 may can understand the language of animals, reports Rus.Media.

In the Orthodox Church on may 17 honored the memory of the Holy Palagyi, who was the patron Saint of birds. Also from that moment began the may storm, and those that happened before, considered random and isolated. Gardeners in the day on may 17 was supposed to scare away not only pests, but also evil spirits. For this they were placed in nature a little pot of nettles, uprooted. In the old day on 17 may was called Pelageya, Palagia-protector. Believed that Pelagia covered innocent girls and birds. It is to Palagai asked if I needed help innocent people.

The peasants may 17, specially cut maple, birch or lime, preparing the raw material for the manufacture of spoons. Since ancient times, they were a symbol of prosperity and satiety. Therefore, the spoons were often decorated with fanciful murals and carvings, and then presented as a gift is considered very prestigious. Often wore wooden spoon with him, put them in a special case. They could be worn in a boot or belt.

Watched 17 may cherry. So, if it has got flowers, it was believed, to sow wheat late, and the crop will not be harvested. In the gardens were beginning to bloom pears, apples, cherries, and tried to instill this day. Watched natural phenomena, signs and tried to guess what the weather will be in the coming days and months.

Folk omens on may 17

The stork made a nest in the valley – the bread in the wet areas would be good. If the bird nests is high, so the bread in the lowlands will deteriorate

Beetles a lot – there is a drought

Bloom products can be sown in the garden cucumbers, pumpkins, beans, corn.

There is no dew on the morning of 17 may – the weather will change

Catkins appeared on the flowering maple trees – can be planted beets

Cuckoo cuckoo – a sign that the weather will be good

Frequent and heavy rains portends a rich harvest

If sparrows fly through the sky in flocks and not myself – will be a breeze

Pale sun – bad weather will last for a long time

Blooms turn the second half of may will be cold.

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