Filters under the sink: where to buy and how to choose

Фильтры под мойку: где купить и как выбрать

Water pollute both mechanical and chemical elements. Such impurities not only affects the taste, they are a potential hazard to health. The under-the-sink filters can purify water of any quality and to provide customers with safe and delicious water.

Water purifiers under the sink connected to a water pipe, placed under the sink and close enough bulky the system Cabinet. Drinking water comes from a separate tap on the sink.

Sorption filtration systems

Usually consists of 3-4 series-connected modules cartridges with filter material. Water gradually passes through three stages of purification:

  • prior
  • the main
  • final

Such systems can be installed different types of cartridges:

  • for mechanical removal of large particles: dirt, rust, sediment
  • for softening by reducing the overall stiffness
  • for purification of standard tap water, where there is an abundance of impurities
  • for iron removal
  • cartridges with antibacterial properties, which is achieved through the use of silver ions, ultraviolet radiation.

The main filter materials:

  • grid, retarding large particles
  • charcoal, activated carbon
  • shungite, zeolite
  • ion exchange resin
  • silver
  • polypropylene membrane.

The resource is in the range of 4 to 10 thousand liters.

Before carrying out fine filtration is preferably carried out rough clean-up using mains filters. Such devices will prolong the life of the fine filters will retain appliances.

Reverse osmosis system

Are thoroughness of treatment by incorporating thin-film membrane, check completely all impurities. Systems can contain 2 to 7 of the filter module and up to 7 stages of cleaning. The first 4 steps are clearing, and further improve the quality of water, taste, color, structure.

Water filter with reverse osmosis has the same type of cartridge that the sorption system:

  • two mechanical cleaning cartridge: coal (to 5 micron) and polypropylene (1 micron). Such a measure is necessary for a thorough cleaning premembrane to keep the sensitive and expensive membrane
  • ion exchange resins, carbon sorbent for removal of salts of heavy metals, chlorine, organic matter, unpleasant taste, color, smell.

Using reverse osmosis membrane the water passes under pressure. Purified water enters the clean water tank and the remaining fluid to drain. The working pressure should be 2.9 bar. The higher the pressure in the system, the more efficient the system. To improve the taste, enrichment of minerals used activated carbon post-filter, mineralizing, bioceramic cartridges. Resource settings: 5 to 15 thousand liters.

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