Feminine charm: how to enchant a man

Очарование женственности: как влюбить в себя мужчину

What to do to develop their femininity? How to make a man think only about you?

Read the best recommendations that will help you to enchant a man, to find happiness and to fill the world with joyful light!

1. Developed a feminine attitude

Break up with a feeling of masculine power, masculine, competition or fearlessness and gain a sense of helpless dependence on men. Let him know that you need his help that you appreciate him and that you in this life without it can not cope. Refuse businesslike, wanting to control it, to command and obey the delightful spirit of obedience.

2. Refrain from performing the male types of work

You will never become a real woman, if not will refuse the male. For this first you need to decide what you must give up.

Once you decide what you are willing to give share with her husband his thoughts. Ask him to take care of all these types of work. Discuss each item so that there is no misunderstanding. Explain to him that you need his help and that he performed this difficult job for you, and then you will be able to devote himself entirely to the fulfillment of women’s duties.

Очарование женственности: как влюбить в себя мужчину

3. If you have to do a man’s job

If you still have to do his share of work in the house, make it feminine. You do not need to demonstrate masculine competence in performing men’s work. If you need to repair the oven, seal the crack in the pipe or we will allocate money to repair it, but make it all feminine. Your husband will soon realize that you need his manly help. If you are perfectly cope with the problems without him, he will never come to your aid. You whole life will do a man’s job.

4. Be obedient to her husband

When you’re discussing with her husband or any other man, never Express a definitive opinion, which can lead to hot debate, because this will demonstrate the absence in your femininity and in the eyes of men will be insulting. Man I’d like to hear a woman’s opinion and her defense of his point of view, but would feel offended if she will insist on and he can’t convince her even with sound reasoning. I’m not saying you are inferior in matters of moral beliefs. Then you need to stand to the end.

5. Do not suppress the feeling of fear

Do not suppress natural feelings of fear or danger. In case of danger you are in need of male protection. Or, at least, show that you need it.

Очарование женственности: как влюбить в себя мужчину

6. Do not suppress the manifestations of tender feelings

As we have said, do not suppress the feelings towards the disadvantaged and suffering people. Don’t try to hold back tears under stepping. To give vent to their feelings. Such sensitivity in women attractive.

7. Do not try to surpass him

To maintain their femininity, not compete with men, that requires the abilities of men. For example, do not try to achieve great success in sports, weight lifting, running or repair of equipment and machinery. Don’t compete with men in the labour career, high salary, the achievement of high honors. Don’t try to demonstrate more than the man, knowledge of world events, politics, space programs, science and industry. Do not attempt to surpass them in the fact, that traditionally male-dominated field of application of the force.

Очарование женственности: как влюбить в себя мужчину

8. Tactfully encourage him to take care of you and protect

May he open doors for you, moving chairs and helps to wear a coat. If he does not, maybe you do act too hastily. Next time you will need to put his hands on his coat and turned her back on him to relieve him of this task. Ask it from crivat cover tins and cans. Limit your requests to things that Jestina need the help of men, and do not ask to do what the woman herself can perfectly Spra to curl. And always, always thank him.

9. Live within female roles

Best times to build their femininity at home, because there you are in the role of wife, mother and hostess. This is the perfect workshop, in which Roy you can buy all the essential traits of femininity.

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