Farming salmon is one of the most toxic products in the world

Фермерский лосось один из самых токсичных продуктов в мире

The fish belongs to useful products, but when it comes to farming salmon, specialists stamped; “dangerous to health”.

While shooting the documentary “Fillet-Oh-Fish” directed by Nicolas Daniels, the study was conducted in the Norwegian fjords in which the salmon farm. The result was discovered the layer of waste with a height of about 15 meters, consisting of bacteria, drugs and pesticides. When marine farms are located in open water, it is impossible to control pollution.

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola: “To date, field operations involve a number of serious problems. From huge harvesting and contamination of water with chemicals, and ending with genetic mutations under the influence of toxins”.

“It has been proven that salmon farming is five times more toxic than any other tested food product”.

The Norwegian environmental activist Kurt Oddekalv argues that today’s salmon, which are grown on farms, is one of the most toxic products in the world, adding that such breeding is, among other things, is disastrous for the environment and human health.

“I do not recommend pregnant women, children or adolescents are farming salmon. It is not clear what and in what quantities are contained in the salmon toxins, as these substances can affect young people or pregnant women,” says Dr. Anne-Lise birch Monsen, a biologist from University of Bergen in Norway.

Фермерский лосось один из самых токсичных продуктов в мире

Contaminants found in farm salmon is having a negative impact on brain development associated with autism, and they affect other organ systems the immune system and metabolism.

According to Living Traditionally, the use of more than one serving of such fish per month can increase the risk of developing cancer in the future due to the presence of farm salmon cancer-causing chemicals and high levels of dioxins. It is also noted that the human body reacts to these substances increased inflammation that can trigger diseases such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, coronary artery disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

In Ukraine farm salmon can be found in almost every supermarket and market in fish. Yes, the red fish in its original form the desired human body, but the overwhelming dose of toxins covers all of its benefits.


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