Eugene Klopotenko: school meals should be completely changed

Евгений Клопотенко: школьное питание нужно полностью изменить

Culinary expert Eugene Klopotenko decided to completely change the food in schools, make it different, healthy and delicious. Especially for you we have questioned him more about that.

The main problem for school food?

The problem of the existing school meals because it is tasteless, insufficient and outdated (the book was released in 1957). As a result, children this food is not like that so they don’t go to the canteen and instead snack rolls from the buffet, or sandwiches brought from home.

How to make school food more attractive to children?

Kid’s food should be tasty, visually appealing and have a title that will appeal to children. Only then the students will eat in the cafeterias.

As I recall, when I was in school, we were given pasta with a cutlet, mashed potatoes with sausage and porridge with fish. It has not changed much for many years. How do you think, should I do the diet in the school cafeteria more diverse and how to do it?

Diet is need not just to diversify and completely change. In fact, that I do now is release a new collection of recipes for school canteens. All the dishes that are there, are entirely different from those that prepare today in schools. Moreover, in the preparation of new formulas, we took into account the views of children who have tried our dishes.

Евгений Клопотенко: школьное питание нужно полностью изменить

How do you determine which dishes you should add to your collection of recipes for school food?

If the kids liked the dish – it added. If the majority said it was tasteless, the dish is removed from the collection. Also in the collection only those meals that are actually cooked under existing conditions in the kitchen dining room.

How much parents will cost the food according to your recipe? Hit you like the new menu?

The price of food does not change. When composing new recipes our task was to invest in the existing cost.

Most children love sweets, but rarely satisfy this need. So they buy cheap candy, biscuits, lollipops. How to solve this problem within the framework of school feeding?

Among the dishes that we have included in the collection, there are desserts. But it is important to understand that even this can’t stop students from having to buy candy. Because children have no internal limit on sweet. The only way not to sell in the school canteen food like that. In addition, you can offer as an alternative to the sweet fruit.

Children are big fans of fast food. How to wean them from consuming junk food?

Mindful eating – this is what is able to teach the children only the parents. Because the child’s normal food – it’s the one he used to have at home. We, in turn, tried to make healthy food as delicious, students to wonder: “maybe the vegetables are not so bad?” on their own made a choice. We also took all your favorite nuggets and included them in the school menu. It’s not only that junk food from fast food. This baked chicken cutlets with a crispy breading.

What desserts beneficial for children?

For children healthy desserts where there is no surplus of sugar and harmful additives such as artificial flavors, colors, flavor enhancers, as well as palm oil and margarine.

Евгений Клопотенко: школьное питание нужно полностью изменить

Eugene Klopotenko

How to make students of all ages loved to eat in the school cafeteria?

The food in the dining room, should be tasty. Ideally, students should perceive the dining room is not obsolete as a place with an unpleasant flavor, but as something fashionable.

What you have to sell in the cafeteria?

Ideally, is fresh fruit at the buffet. Let it remain the same rolls. After all, it’s not so much them, how and what they cooked. Absolutely not – it is pizza, sausage rolls and the like. Because as a filling use cheap products with horrible composition.

Евгений Клопотенко: школьное питание нужно полностью изменить

Eugene Klopotenko reforming school food

How to convince children to eat healthy?

As I said – make the healthy food tasty. Vegetables can be cooked so that the children will be delighted with them.

Have you been in many schools of Ukraine. How responsible employees of the school cafeterias? Whether they adhere to health and sanitation requirements?

In schools, in which I was, the staff observed sanitary-hygienic requirements. But I also understand that it’s not everywhere, as communicated to the students not only those schools with which we cooperate within the framework of the project to changes in supply.

How to distribute your program at all schools of Ukraine?

We are currently engaged in creating a strategy to promote our collection, so that it could cook in most schools of Ukraine. The ideal option is support from the parents. To spread information about the new collection and demanded that the schools where their children study, prepared for him.

What advice parents you can give about healthy nutrition for children?

I do not tire of repeating that, first of all, food should be tasty. It should also be of interest to children. That is beautiful. It is a bright color, nice pattern. Let dish is sure to be something that crunches. On its website I always share useful recipes that will appeal to children because there just met all these principles.

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