Drunk Russian woman notably disgraced in the plane

Drunk the law does not apply.

П&#039яна росіянка знатно зганьбилася у літаку

Nina Vyacheslavovna arrived in Moscow from Simferopol to visit the imprisoned brother. The road to Moscow was calm and boring, so on the back she slightly diluted her whiskey, writes Rus.Media.

“Let me go! Don’t want to sit in economy with these morons!”, the woman said, when he realized that economy class is not for it. However, the ticket she was only in chairs of this type.

Not understanding the calm persuasion of the staff she rushed to the flight attendant’s fingernails forward and scratched her face.

In the end, Nina spent most of the night in the detention center, and in the morning, sobered up, got my hands on the protocols.

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