Doctors told about the dangers of avocados

Very often, the fruit can cause stomach upset.

Лікарі розповіли про небезпеку авокадо

Nutritionist Alexander Kusch noted that in addition to the useful properties of avocado, this plant can harm the human body. It is reported by the Rus.Media.

Recent studies claim that avocados need to eat with more caution.

The nutritionist advised the gourmet is good to clean the fruit, as close to the pulp (the skin and bone of a fruit) contains hazardous toxins.

Alexander Kusch explains that avocado is an aggressive product. This fruit can cause severe allergic reaction, bowel disorders and intoxication of the liver.

According to him, people are increasingly began to complain of stomach upset after included in the diet of this fruit. Mexican avocados are most often it becomes the cause of this.

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