Diagnostics, treatment, consequences of ectopic pregnancy

Диагностика, лечение, последствия внематочной беременности

Treatment dangerous anomalies is very relevant today. It is known for the maternal deaths. That is why every woman should be aware of.

The contents

  • 1 what causes an ectopic pregnancy?
  • 2 Monthly ectopic pregnancy
  • 3 Early diagnosis – to avoid extremes
  • 4 Ectopic pregnancy: consequences
  • 5 Treatment emerged pathology

What causes an ectopic pregnancy?

After suffering a pathology women often face severe depression and in need of repair. Broken internal imbalances and the functioning of internal organs. As a consequence, the disruption of the entire organism, decrease in motor activity, apathy… What should be the diagnosis and treatment of this problem, what might be the consequences/complications and how to avoid them, find out in this article.

Nature intended that a fertilized egg for further development needs to attach to the uterus. When it is attached to other adjacent organs – ovary, fallopian tubes or abdominal cavity happens to be an ectopic pregnancy (also referred to as pipe).

This pregnancy is rather dangerous. Moreover, over the last few years the number of cases of this disease has increased markedly. The main reason for improper fertilization doctors call abortion.

We have in Ukraine, despite the fact that pharmacies quite a large selection of contraceptives, many girls and women get rid of unwanted pregnancy by artificial means, resorting to not very simple medical procedure. Abortion entails serious physical changes.

For some, emotional, and spiritual, which negatively affects the General condition of the body of the patient.

In addition, the reason for the anomaly can be chronic infection of the genitals. The most common problem adhesions in the fallopian tubes, which subsequently occurs an anomaly. Known cases where the cause of the disease was previously installed intrauterine device. Least likely to cause ectopic pregnancy be moved to female surgery or infantilism.

Preparing for conception is an important step. If many couples and individual women thought about the life of an innocent child, the consequences weren’t so dire. Moreover, abortion is not only an ectopic pregnancy. Arise other sorts of complications. Note: so, the abortion does not happen!

Period ectopic pregnancy

Many patients ask: “is There a period with ectopic pregnancy?”. A full menstrual cycle period when this anomaly can not be named. After all, any spotting during pregnancy is a deviation from the norm. Best of all, when bleeding (we are talking about weakly positive or positive pregnancy test) immediately contact the doctor. The solution to this issue quickly will allow you to avoid a variety of negative consequences.

Some patients may experience bleeding that recall period. Ectopic pregnancy this phenomenon occurs not always. And periods ectopic pregnancy they are not actually, but only remind them. To recognize the resulting pathology is extremely difficult. Most women who are faced with this disease, regard monthly ectopic pregnancy as the onset of a new menstrual cycle.

At the first signs of pathological disturbances should immediately go to a gynecologist. But not only period ectopic pregnancy can be a symptoms. Any soreness at the point of attachment of the ovum (abdomen, groin) or lokalizirutesa in the area of the rectum/back — also a reason for visiting the doctor. These pains can occur during changes in body position or when performing certain kinds of exercise. They are often accompanied by a cold sweat. There is a sharp weakness of the body until he lost consciousness.

Situation, when you go monthly ectopic pregnancy, occurs quite often, especially over the last ten years. Pipe anomaly can develop up to 12 weeks. Then will happen the rupture of the tissues of the body. The birth of a baby, when such pathology is impossible. Without conservative treatment out to do.

Early diagnosis – the ability to avoid extremes

On the road to motherhood often there are unexpected obstacles. Serious obstacles is an ectopic pregnancy. It is impossible to know for sure whether the female to the risk group or not. Ectopic pregnancy carries a significant risk to life. Timely diagnosis and treatment of anomalies will allow you to avoid the unexpected. But what diagnosis must be made. And what to do in doubtful cases?

Диагностика, лечение, последствия внематочной беременности

Early diagnosis – the ability to avoid extremes

In case of occurrence of any of the above signs a woman needs urgently to see a specialist. Pregnancy test ectopic anomaly that does not show! From the first glance, even a very good doctor won’t be able to say that before him – a patient with an ectopic pregnancy. No laboratory diagnosis is not necessary! To define pathology will allow the following methods:

1. Blood and urine to determine the level of HCG. Indicators of specific Human Chorionic Gonadotropin increase in normal pregnancy and an ectopic. And test purchased at the pharmacy, and determines whether there is pregnancy, with the presence of this hormone in the urine. To determine normal pregnancy or pathology, he can’t.

If you suspect an abnormality, the required diagnosis: a blood test for HCG. If the fetus is in the uterus normally, hormone levels will be increased by half. In cases of pathological pregnancy, the above pattern will not be observed.

2. Palpation – feeling the woman’s body. In doubtful cases, the doctor may suggest to take a sample of fluid from the abdominal cavity. This surgery involves a study through the posterior fornix of the vagina.

3. The purpose of the ultrasound. To inspect the abdomen using ultrasound. The study can be conducted as a vaginal probe, and a conventional way on the surface of the abdomen. If you use the first method, an ectopic pregnancy can be identified at week 6. The second method will show the pathology with a difference in 1-2 weeks. However, these 7-14 days can be fatal for women. In just a week delay and can occur a complication.

4. Determination of progesterone level in the body of the patient. This hormone increases during pregnancy, which occurs without pathologies.

The most appropriate will show anomaly ultrasound of the vagina. This diagnosis of the woman’s body will allow to determine the deviation from the norm is still on the 4th week of pregnancy. A later date is always a risk of complications. The consequences can carry a real threat to the life of the patient.

Ectopic pregnancy: consequences

The history of the patients is different, but the end mostly the same: surgery, treatment, rehabilitation and fear that will no longer give birth to a healthy baby. Pathological diagnosis, of course, causes great impact. Only women who dream of motherhood and undergoing an anomaly, do not despair. Most patients who had to undergo pathology concerned with the question whether they will be able after suffering an ectopic anomalies pregnant? Is it still possible to make a healthy baby? How to avoid possible mistakes? The answers to all the questions you’ll find below.

Timely diagnosis and conservative methods of treatment much increases the chances of getting pregnant after ectopic disease. The main thing – to tune in to a positive! Do not oppress yourself all sorts of negative thoughts, not to fall into despair and believe that the planned will happen! According to experts, many patients (average 50%) after undergoing surgery and conservative treatment can be successfully get pregnant and give birth to a beautiful baby boy.

Mums who want to bear a healthy baby, there’s no rush – after surgery is necessary to “survive”. That is, some time must pass in order to enter into an intimate relationship. A woman’s body needs to recover. The doctor who performed the surgery, will never advise you to plan to conceive a baby earlier than six months. Otherwise, it may again be irreparable. And re the surgery and dangerous consequences nobody wants.

To exclude the probability of repeated tragic situation for 6 months, it is necessary to follow all recommendations of the doctor. And adhere to conservative treatment. This period is important to prevent pregnancy by using contraceptives.

The most advisable contraceptive.

The extreme case is IVF. Artificial insemination has already saved many women. A healthy lifestyle, treatment and fulfillment of all requirements of the gynecologist – the key to success after the diagnosis of the anomaly.

Treatment emerged pathology

If it suddenly happens that the pregnancy will be ectopic, treatment should start with stop intra-abdominal bleeding. Serious pathology requires surgical intervention. After all, to make the child capable of only the uterus. And when the fruit will grow in another organ, it will certainly lead to rupture and profuse bleeding.

Диагностика, лечение, последствия внематочной беременности

Treatment emerged pathology

Most often when encountered pathology is necessary to remove the fallopian tube. Today, however, organ-saving operations also have their place.

However, after they increased the risk of recurrent ectopic pregnancy. The possibility of normal fertilization after conservative-plastic interference is higher than after in vitro conception.

Surgical treatment of abdominal pathology faces technical obstacles. Women who have undergone surgery and require treatment, need a recovery period. After all, after surgery many patients find that occur in neuroendocrine and vascular disorders. To avoid subsequent infertility, you need a proper treatment.

For the treatment of the inflammatory process to effectively use antimicrobial therapy. To avoid a repeat ectopic pregnancy, rehabilitation treatment should be to appoint physiotherapy. First of all it is necessary to reduce the possibility of formation of adhesions in the pelvis.

Unfortunately, so far in medicine there is no consensus regarding conservative treatment of ectopic pregnancy. The method of local injection of methotrexate controlled transvaginal ultrasound monitoring, is often accompanied by complications.

Treatment medication under control laparoscopy is really the size of a fertilized egg up to three inches.

Laparoscopic treatment of the problem allows to visually assess the condition of the fallopian tube. It is possible to find the safe point of puncture.

Dynamic laparoscopy involves the observation of the fallopian tube after administration of medicines. Many experts are of the opinion that the treatment of patients using conservative methods in tandem with medication is the most effective.

However, the treatment still needs further study. Because today is still the priority and remains the most used method of surgical treatment of the anomaly. So every woman must be aware in the diagnosis and treatment of ectopic pregnancy. Dangerous consequences can be avoided! Timely treatment is the ability to preserve fertility. So please, gynecologist, take care of your health and future baby! And those who despair, believe, you’ll be lucky enough to be a very loving mommy!

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