Day embroidered Natalka Karpa uncovered a few family secrets

Ко Дню вышиванки Наталка Карпа раскрыла несколько семейных тайн

In honor of the special Day embroidered shirts — Natalka Karpa told about his family, respect for national clothes and embroidery dreams.

Deserved artist of Ukraine Natalka Karpa from childhood, understood the value and significance of the national costume. The singer admits that, as a little girl, she always had their own shirts. Grandmother Anna, on the paternal side, was a real master of this case, so the house was embroidered everything, from clothing to paintings.

All the ornaments had special significance for the benefit of the family. So, Natalka recalls a vivid example from my childhood when she came to realize that embroidery is not just a thing that is beautiful painting, each of them has special symbols, and the Ukrainians have long been believe in them with all my heart.

Ко Дню вышиванки Наталка Карпа раскрыла несколько семейных тайн

The day embroidered / Natalka Karpa

“I remember back in the days of the Soviet regime, when it was impossible to have any Ukrainian symbols, my grandmother had a beautiful embroidered blanket. And how little I remember when we visited her this blanket was lying on the bed. It was a few volume of colors, such as sewn pads.

When in 90-e years of the independence came — I look, and my grandmother otpaivaem flower, I ask, “Why are you the most beautiful flower removed?”. What grandma didn’t say anything and only continued to unpick, and when I put the flower I saw the embroidered Trident. That is my entire adult life, her home was the symbolism, which served as a protection at home”, — shared Natalka Karpa.

Ко Дню вышиванки Наталка Карпа раскрыла несколько семейных тайн

The day embroidered / Natalka Karpa

But not only the singer’s childhood is associated with embroideries and national ornaments. As adults, going on a series of important activities — concerts for the Ukrainian Diaspora in South America, Natalka with the gravity started to learn embroidery and its significance. Then for the singer, it was designed dress with beautiful ornaments made of beads, which is how attracted the attention of local residents, the actress immediately realized the value of embroidery. But after returning to Ukraine, she started to build your own collection of clothing.

Ко Дню вышиванки Наталка Карпа раскрыла несколько семейных тайн

The day embroidered / Natalka Karpa

“Embroidery is not just an item of clothing, for me, is a sense of belonging to the glorious old, to historical events, to the people who have been fighting for the independence of Ukraine. If I ever created my own embroidery, she would have a symbol of love as in the song: “Chevone is for love…”.

Because love is a very strong feeling it everywhere, all absorbs, gives, takes and restores … it seems to Me that my embroidery would be riddled with a good sense of love and at the same time it must be love to all, peace, family, beauty, life…” — said the singer.

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