Constitution day 2018: how many days will the rest of the Ukrainians

День Конституции 2018: сколько дней будут отдыхать украинцы

In June 2018, provides one additional output. Find out when and how the Ukrainians will rest next month.

The adoption of the Constitution gave the Ukrainians the ability to defend the rights of the citizen, and our country has increased the credibility in the international arena. This document formalized the right of Ukraine to be considered an independent sovereign state. The Verkhovna Rada is fully prepared the Constitution of the independent Ukrainian state in this June 28, 1996.

What day is Constitution Day

Every year on June 28 Ukraine celebrates the Day of adoption of the most important document of the country. This year the 28th falls on a Thursday. This day is officially considered a holiday.

How much will the weekend

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to ensure a favourable environment for celebrations and rationalization of working time decided to move the work day on Friday, 29 June 2018 Saturday 23 June.

So the last 3 days of June and first in July — from June 28 to July 1 will be output, according to the calendar of holidays and weekends, as approved by the Ministry of social policy of Ukraine in December last year. This will allow you to return to work with fresh eyes and accumulated energy.

We remind you that the next public holiday will be may 27, 2018, at Trinity.

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