Comedy series, which can replace “Friends”

Комедийные сериалы, которые могут заменить "Друзей"

Edition Clutch picked up the best serial Comedy in order to relax, and even laugh heartily.

Of course, “Friends” is a recognized classic in the genre of Comedy series. But after the show was canceled it’s been 14 years, and during that time there are many analogues that can even outshine the legendary sitcom.

Комедийные сериалы, которые могут заменить "Друзей"


People are no longer afraid of doctors for two reasons — either as a result of growing up (which happens rarely), or after viewing the “Clinic”. Sitcoms in classic list of characters fully – cheerful main character on the wave, each”brother”, whom he knows for 100 years, the dream girl, cynical sullen character, etc. “Hospital” is no exception, but she’s special. The characters — doctors, and so every day (and eucerin) dealing with disease and death. Here is almost equally as funny and sad (often to tears) moments. So each character here over time is really starting to be perceived as a family member, friend and colleague.

Комедийные сериалы, которые могут заменить "Друзей"


The Big Bang Theory

It’s a little more complicated: a lot of big words, intellectual discussions, physical terms, games, fan-made references to the comics. And all because of the fact that the main characters – physicists. Four friends try to understand this is far from clever books world where they face many dangers, for example, a cute girl. Arrogant and critical Sheldon, the insecure Leonard, even more insecure but very picturesque Hindu Raj and spoiled, but very quirky, Howard fall in love with from the first minute. But be prepared: there will be a lot bosanskog of humor (but it’s no less charming).

Комедийные сериалы, которые могут заменить "Друзей"


How I met your mother

Again the same classic characters, but who said it’s bad is because it is a proven scheme. This time an unusual method of narration. The children asked the main character about how he met mom, and he began his story long before it appeared in his life. Each friend is in danger of becoming the same, each new meeting is fatal. But it all revolves around 5 very positive friends who know how to laugh at yourself, your failures and mistakes, and which are easy to learn yourself and your friends. And yet the series mandatory viewing in order to learn the bro code Barney Stinson (look and you will understand).

Комедийные сериалы, которые могут заменить "Друзей"

Brooklyn 9-9

Another not entirely typical of the series, because it’s a Comedy about a police station. The same situation as with the doctors: watching Brooklyn 9-9, you can stop treating the police with a strong seriousness and fear. But do not think that the show does not have a detective investigation of the shootings (of all movies about police and the FBI), and the intensity, just everything is mixed with the choicest humor, lot of jokes and great charisma of the main characters.

Material prepared by angelina Golovach

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