Ascension day 2017: what we must do in this day

The ascension is celebrated on the 40th day after Easter. And the holiday falls on Thursday.

Вознесіння Господнє 2017: що обов&#039язково потрібно зробити в цей день

In 2017, the Ascension is celebrated on may 25. And, despite the fact that it is not a day off, he has a series of restrictions and will take about which you should know.

Ask for help

It is believed that on this day God hears every request and therefore it is necessary to pray especially fervently, asking what is vital. It is true that money and wealth is better in this day not to ask. With the exception of cases when the money is needed for medicine or for survival.

Bake a “ladder”

Вознесіння Господнє 2017: що обов&#039язково потрібно зробити в цей день

Cake or cookies in the form of a ladder (or as it is called “ladder”) were baked on the Ascension of our ancestors. Believing that after consecration in the Church of the cakes becomes a talisman for the whole family. The ladder stored behind the icons. And our forefathers were quite interesting fun – throw the cakes off the roof. If the cookies are crumbled, you Holy man. The more “ladder” split, the more the person sins.

To remember the dead

This day was made to commemorate the dead relatives. For this roasted pancakes or cooking eggs. Prepare small gifts, you can also go to the cemetery.

To give charity

Money, food or just clothes – no matter what you give to the poor, but this must be done necessarily. This will certainly help to keep the peace in your home.

To wash the dew

It is believed that the dew on the Ascension has miraculous powers. Girl helps to preserve the beauty and youth, and the elderly gives strength.

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