American feminists invented the font

Американские феминистки изобрели свой шрифт

The next time you have a desire loudly expressed on the topic of gender equality, use the correct font.

And such a font already exists! And has developed his new York ad Agency Y&R in collaboration with the Association of entrepreneurs Women of Sex Techthat creates a new technology of sex. You can download it here.

Американские феминистки изобрели свой шрифт

Speak up, woman!

Each letter in a unique font talks about the different aspects of gender equality. For example:

  • B — birth, — a letter in support of motherhood;
  • D — the symbol of breast health (tracing letters);
  • E — elections — recalls the struggle for suffrage;
  • G — guarantee protected sex;
  • S — salaries — the struggle for equal pay with men;
  • W — women in power — in support of women in leadership.


Американские феминистки изобрели свой шрифт

The feminist font

Thus the activists want to draw attention to things associated with girls and “perezhivaniya” them every day.

“We live at a critical time for women’s rights, when there are such movements as #TimesUp #MeToo, inspiring women all over the world on things,” said chief creative officer, Y&R North America Leslie Sims.

Note that the first time the font appeared on posters during the March for women’s rights in January 2017.

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