Alla Pugacheva has returned to the stage. Grandma, no one hurt

People’s artist of USSR Alla Pugacheva for the first time in almost ten years, gave a recital.

Алла Пугачова повернулася на сцену. Бабусю вже ніхто не образить

People’s artist of USSR Alla Pugacheva gave the first in nearly a decade solo concert, delighting fans in the Mikhailovsky castle in St. Petersburg. During the performance, the Singer hinted that it may again return to the stage to celebrate their anniversary next year, reports Rus.Media.

Long-awaited for fans of Divas event took place on 16 may in the Mikhailovsky castle in St. Petersburg in the framework of a private event.

According to eyewitnesses the performance of the singer Pugacheva performed their songs “live” and looked fantastic.

Hall at first quite calmly reacted to the songs of Alla, however, is closer to the equator of the concert was in full sing along with the idol. The artist actively communicated with the audience, telling, among other things, that in its repertoire there are new songs.

During the concert Pugacheva sang ten songs, and the emphasis here, of course, was done on decades of proven hits.

During the execution of the “Invite a lady to dance” Diva, responding to the lyrics, encouraged the audience to dance, and some of them responded to the invitation.

Able to please Pugacheva in the West, and those fans who in the castle could not get to. First, in conclusion, Alla suggested that her voice, “and let the other”, but still comes back.

In addition, it seems to be announced (though casual) anniversary concert next April the star of the Soviet and Russian pop stars will be 70 years.

Confessing to the audience that “these songs” she rarely performs because of the existence of the new program, the singer said “try to sing something for 70 years”.

“What, grandmother, no one will be hurt — everybody will be there to sit and clap,” joked the singer, and then said that the audience love her as she loves them.

“All my life I put on these songs, you — explained the artist. — I now live differently. It is such a joy — I have a different life and did not know.”

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