A unique thing that will save you from Ironing

Уникальная вещь, которая избавит тебя от глажки

Robot for folding and Ironing will be a great help you around the house.

Ironing clothes is a tedious activity, especially if you have a big family. Every housewife knows that it takes a lot of time and a lot of power. To change this, a startup from San Francisco FoldiMate presented a robot that will do the job for you.

Уникальная вещь, которая избавит тебя от глажки

The machine is capable of smooth cloth steam for 10 seconds, then carefully folded it and even handle perfume. Just need to remember that this robot does not replace the washing machine or the dryer.

Thanks to this machine, you will cease to spend time on Ironing and folding things, and will be able to pay his family or himself.


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