8 unusual sports in which the Ukrainians are the coolest in the world (photos, video)

20 July in Wroclaw, Poland to start world sports games.

8 незвичайних видів спорту, в яких українці найкрутіші у світі (фото, відео)

20 July in Wroclaw, Poland to start world sports games, which the Ukrainians will be favourites in many types of programs , reports Rus.Media.

8 types of sports in which Ukrainians occupy a leadership position in the world.


Sumo is an iconic national Japanese wrestling. Wins in this kind of martial arts one who Vistula the opponent out of the carpet. Sumo is extremely popular at home and professional status. But in the other countries of the world, this colorful wrestling is booming at the Amateur level.

In Ukraine, traditionally strong school different types of wrestling that helps our athletes to adapt and sumo.

8 незвичайних видів спорту, в яких українці найкрутіші у світі (фото, відео)

Maria Drbean (right)

At the World games in Wroclaw for our women’s team will perform three world champion. The most famous among them is Maria Drbean, which had won the world championship in 2014, and last year in Ulan Bator won silver. Interestingly, Grboyan began his career in athletics, where probovala many types of metal disc and the hammer, pushed the core and then went to sumo.

Two Ukrainian women will compete in Poland in the status of the current champion of the world. Last year in Mongolia gold went to Aline Boikova in the category up to 60 kg and Marina Maksimenko, which acts in weight to 80 kg.


8 незвичайних видів спорту, в яких українці найкрутіші у світі (фото, відео)

Larysa Soloviova

Powerlifting is a power sport in which athletes raise the bar and compete in three exercises – squat, bench press and deadlift. From weightlifting powerlifting is kind of exercise – classic bodybuilders argue in the snatch and clean and jerk.

In this sport, Ukrainian team has no equal in the world.

At last year’s world Cup in the U.S. city of Orlando, our men’s team was in the overall standings of the first, and the women – third.

Ukrainians won 4 gold medals in the most prestigious weight category – became world Champions Vladimir Riv (83 kg), Sergey White (93 kg), Dmitry Simonenko (105 kg) and Alexey Bychkov (120 kg).

And Ukrainian Larysa Soloviova generally is a real legend of the world powerlifting. She won in the category up to 63 kg the last three world Championships – in the years 2014-2016. In Wroclaw Solovyov will defend the title of champion of the World of sports, which she received in 2013 in Colombia. Then the Ukrainian raised in the amount of 636 kg and set three world records.

Now Solovieva owns four world records, which she improved last year winning the world championship in Orlando in the squat (241 kg), bench press (180 kg), deadlift (245 kg) and total exercise (641 kg).

Thai Boxing (Muay Thai)

8 незвичайних видів спорту, в яких українці найкрутіші у світі (фото, відео)

Muay Thai is a traditional Thai martial art that became popular all over the world. A feature of this form of martial arts is the ritual dance that is performed by fighters before each fight and extraordinary entertainment – the match strikes can be applied with fists, feet, shins, elbows and knees.

At the world championship in Minsk the national team of Ukraine has won 8 awards. Won a gold medal heavyweight Tsotne Rogava, seven more of our boxers won bronze awards. Among them, two fighters who went to the world games to Wroclaw – Igor Lubchenco (63.5 kg) and Konstantin Cracks (57 kg).

Rogava in Poland will not act, but without him in the squad has two former world champion Lubchenco did not give anyone the title from 2014 to 2016, and Oleg Primakov became the strongest in the category up to 91 kg in 2014 and 2016.


8 незвичайних видів спорту, в яких українці найкрутіші у світі (фото, відео)

JIU-jitsu is a Japanese martial art. From other martial arts it is different technique which is to use energy attacking a person against herself.

Strikes in the game, moving the hands and feet, used wrestling and submission techniques that have made JIU-jitsu on the base is extremely popular in the world of mixed martial arts.

The national team of Ukraine is composed of two world-class artists. Bogdan Mochulsky in the category up to 62 kg was coming back from two consecutive world Championships in 2015 and 2016, with silver awards, and previously won the world championship among juniors.

Ivan Petrov has been held for bronze in the world Cup 2005 and Vice-champion of Europe 2009. Also, this athlete is known for his unversalis, because at the highest level also acts fitness.


8 незвичайних видів спорту, в яких українці найкрутіші у світі (фото, відео)

Karate is another classic Japanese type of single combats, in which you can use punches and kicks. At the World games will obviously be the last time as it has received Olympic status and will debut in the 2020 Games in Tokyo.

The national team of Ukraine lays at the Olympic debut of hope, after all, gradually rising to a leading role in the world. With current European championship in Turkish Izmir, our team returned with two gold and three bronze medals.

In category to 50 kg the gold medal was won by Ekaterina Curve. One gold she won with Anita Sergey, Angelica Telugu and Anastasia Mashkovsky in team competitions. Seregina and Telugu were third in the individual standings. Also, the bronze on account of the men’s team in the team tournament.

Underwater sports

8 незвичайних видів спорту, в яких українці найкрутіші у світі (фото, відео)

Underwater sport unites several disciplines, including snorkeling, scuba diving and swimming in flippers where the serious achievements are Ukrainians. So with the world Cup 2016, which took place in the Greek Volos national team of Ukraine won 10 medals – 6 silver and 4 bronze.

Two medals in Greece was won by Irina Pker, which was the second sailing on the classic fins 50 m and 100 m. and will represent Ukraine at the World games.

Even more impressive was the performance of the national team of Ukraine at the European championship, which last week took all the same-Wroclaw. Our team won 26 medals including 5 gold. Best steel Pker, Anastasia antoniak, Catherine Business, Evgenia Oleynikova and Denis Grubic. The first three will win medals at the Games in Poland.


8 незвичайних видів спорту, в яких українці найкрутіші у світі (фото, відео)

Daniil Boldyrev

Climbing is a variety of climbing and differs from it by the presence of the static supports on the rocks and the fact that athletes usually compete on artificial scleroma.

One of the best climbers in the world climbing speed is Ukrainian Danylo Boldyrev, who suited the World of sports in great shape. At the July European championship in the Italian Campitello di Fassa Ukrainian reached the final and won silver.


8 незвичайних видів спорту, в яких українці найкрутіші у світі (фото, відео)

Oleksandr Kratov

In orienteering, the task of the athlete is to not only run fast, but to think. On trails on rough terrain, the route should be the first to find to the coordinates of the control points. Orienteering uses a map and compass. The sport originates from Scandinavia where it was previously used in the training of military.

The leader of the national team of Ukraine in orienteering is Oleksandr Kratov, who in July at the world Cup in Tartu Estonia won bronze on the middle distance. Ukrainian conceded only recognized world leaders – vosmerikova the world champion Thierry Georges from France and Swiss Fabian Gertner.

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