7 habits that we should introduce into your life

7 привычек, которые стоит ввести в свою жизнь

We often don’t notice how habits are changing our lives. But a small rule can really affect who you will be tomorrow. Edition Clutch offers you the 7 habits that will change your life for the better

7 привычек, которые стоит ввести в свою жизнь

Do daily record

It’s such a practice of self-respect/love/care that it is not difficult to do with their habit. The ritual is to write:

  • 3 things for which you are grateful
  • 3 things that made the day great
  • 3 things that would make it even better

These records help to structure the day, to understand what is missing, to squeeze out the max day or to mask the lows. Very nice to correspond with yourself, to understand what is happening in your life, to notice some small details.

7 привычек, которые стоит ввести в свою жизнь


Send letters and cards

The best and proven way to remind friends that you love them and care about them — a letter or a postcard. Nice to keep the message in his hands, knowing that the person really tried to write it. Moreover, this e-mail can be decorated with stickers or drawings and this process can be very comforting.

7 привычек, которые стоит ввести в свою жизнь

Show bed every morning

Yeah, it’s pretty banal habit, but no less useful. The main task this morning is to collect and set yourself up for the day. But if the bed is made, then you won’t be tempted to go into it again. Besides, coming home in the evening, you can thank yourself for the beautiful bed. Make it very simple and fast, and after some time you will do it automatically.

7 привычек, которые стоит ввести в свою жизнь


Meet with parents on Sundays

These scheduled meetings provide a clear understanding of when you will be able to cross, and stay in touch with family. All you need to do is pick a day and plan your week according to it.

7 привычек, которые стоит ввести в свою жизнь

Make seasonal playlists

It is a way to combine the music which you enjoy over a period of time/season/month. Music that is associated with a specific time, helps to remember and feel the emotions that you experienced at this time. Besides, it helps first to know just what you are interested in at the moment, and secondly, does not allow you to lose your music and organizes it.

7 привычек, которые стоит ввести в свою жизнь


Early Wake up

Morning much more productive time than any other. Robot night entails bad consequences, at a time like morning of the robot is performed surprisingly easily. Waking up early in the morning, you get much more energy than waking up in 11-12 days. At this time, many are still asleep, so no messages will not stop you to play sports, to prepare Breakfast, eat, read the news or take a walk. Thus it is possible to make your day much more productive.

Instilling such habits is quite a complex process. You’ll have to work hard on ourselves to get up early, and do not give yourself too much freedom in the weekend or holiday.

7 привычек, которые стоит ввести в свою жизнь


Get out of the house twice a week

This habit will help to always keep the apartment clean, it just will not accumulate dirt and debris. To be order in life and in your head, you need to restore order at home. So a good cleaning once a week and repeated a little more light cleaning for the second time is a must! Moreover, you’ll always be ready to invite someone to visit.

Material prepared by angelina Golovach

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