5 secrets of charismatic people

5 секретов обаятельных людей

Psychology of communication has a great impact on people in different walks of life. There are people that are drawn all around, they Shine like the sun, and is able to win the favor of any man!

We have compiled a list of what makes charismatic people. So, they are:


Touch is a powerful tool to convey emotion. So when you want someone to congratulate, think how to do it better: shake hands, Pat on the shoulder or perhaps a hug. Through touch confirmed the sincerity of your words and intentions, so you can convey a desired emotion to make a good impression.

Use facial expressions and gestures

Charismatic people are just strikingly convey their emotions and using all the ways. They are able to turn even the most ordinary story in an interesting story.

Motion, find your “things”, these things will betray the mood of your stories, thereby causing genuine interest of the interlocutor.

Do not hesitate to ask questions

These people genuinely want to know what you think, and it offers them even more. Once you learn anything about the man, ask him about it and tell me something similar about myself. This will show that you have something in common, something to share.

A sincere smile

Charismatic people are not afraid to show his emotions. We always feel when a man is happy by force, even if you do not notice this. A sincere smile always symmetrical, and not skewed to one side, and it involves not only lips, but eyes. Appear characteristic wrinkles (“crow’s feet”).

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