5 items that do not have to write

5 пунктов, которые не обязательно писать в резюме

Find out what items are not worth pointing out in summary, if you really want to get a dream job!

To write excellent resume, it is important to include all the key information about your experience and skills. The recruiters say that resumes should be concise (max 2 pages), so it is important to choose the most important thing.

And some of the topics that we used to include in the CV, can not be sacrificed in order to tell more about their knowledge and skills. Although if there is a place to write additional information will not be wrong. So which items do not have to include in the summary?

1. Personal qualities

Of course, the companies who will invite you to work, important not only your qualifications, but also what sort of person you are. After all, every beginner makes its contribution to the culture of the company, and if the team is good, the microclimate are trying to preserve, to work and beyond comfortable.

However, in summary to describe your personal qualities do not have. And if you do it is not just list that you are a creative, purposeful and responsible person. Give examples of how it manifests a particular quality.

For example, that you take part in volunteer projects or come up with a new way of solving complex tasks in their profession. With the help of resume the employer can’t check whether you wrote the truth, so it is usually pays this item, not much time.

2. Hobby

Again, if the company is taken to be interested in the employees, it is important not only what you are an expert. But what fills your life outside work. However, the employer decides whether to invite you for an interview, based on your Hobbies.

First evaluate the experience and qualifications. Therefore, even though the indication of their hobby and make no mistake, if you choose, to tell more about the experience or write about beading and snowboarding, it is better to choose the first. And the question of Hobbies, most likely, will hear in the interview, and you will be able to tell more about yourself.

3. Recommending person

Companies often check the recommendations on employees, especially when talking about positions. And this is great if there are people who speak positively about you as a professional. But point them at the stage of preparation of the summary is not required. Since test recommendations will probably be after the interview and you will be able to provide contacts in person.

4. Marital status

This information is often indicated in the summary, but really is not required. Information about your marital status can be categorized as personal, confidential, and you don’t have to include it in your professional summary, where you tell about your experience and skills. Though about this interview is likely to ask.

5. Age

You also are not required to specify. Unfortunately, age discrimination is when a job does not want to take or young, experienced or candidates are not uncommon. Of course, to hide age will not work. Besides, by year of graduation, and employment history, you can guess how old the candidate. Nevertheless: if you don’t want to write about it in summary, you have every right to be.

Try to include in your resume only that information which highlights your strengths as a specialist, and that is important in the context of the requirements of the vacancy. And discard information that is not important not to disperse the attention of the recruiter.

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