5 interesting comedies for viewing with the whole family

5 интересных комедий для просмотра всей семьей

Ahead of the weekend, so will have time not only to go to a barbecue, and watch movies with the whole family. In this collection you will find funny and kind of Comedy that you can watch with the kids.

Two: me and my shadow

5 интересных комедий для просмотра всей семьей

Very funny story about similar to each other girls: Amanda, who grows up in an orphanage under the care of a governess Diana, and Alice, living in a large house with a single father Roger. The girls decide to introduce Diana and Roger, only the father of Alisa wants to marry a nasty Clarissa.

Chef on wheels

5 интересных комедий для просмотра всей семьей

Carl Casper is a talented chef one of the most successful Los Angeles restaurants. In the kitchen he is a genius, a true master of his craft. But the unfair negative rating food critic destroys his career and jeopardizes the dismissal.But Karl did not give up and decides to start his own business to create a food truck. His job gives him the opportunity to use culinary inspiration to the fullest and go all over the world. Continuing to do what you love, Carl simultaneously establishes the relationship with the family.


5 интересных комедий для просмотра всей семьей

Welcome to the Zeropolis is a modern city inhabited by many different animals, from huge elephants to tiny mice. In this town there is a new police officer, a cheerful zaychiha Judy Hopps, which from the first days of work understands how difficult it is to be small and fluffy among the big and strong police. Judy grabs the first opportunity to prove themselves, despite the fact that her partner will be talkative sly Fox Nick Wilde. Together they have to solve a complicated case which will determine the fate of all the inhabitants of Zeropolis.

Curly Sue

5 интересных комедий для просмотра всей семьей

Swindler and Vagabond bill dancer and in the care of curly girl-the orphan are together, summarized the fate, in the heart of Chicago. This time bill was very fortunate: thanks to his harmless fraud, they are of modest rooming house for the homeless are in a luxurious mansion. Bill allegedly came under the wheels of the car at which wheel there was a young rich lady. Fearing for the life of the injured men, she invites him along with the girl sue to temporarily live at her house… She has no idea what adventures await her in her house…

Spy kids

5 интересных комедий для просмотра всей семьей

Two of the coolest spy in the world: Gregorio and Ingrid Cortez, had the same secret mission — to kill each other. But a private meeting has not brought them any good: they got married and engaged with their craft… a few years later the disappearance of seven special agents forced them to return to the game, but they too disappear — they are kidnapped by a treacherous villain. Now the fate of the prisoners depends on whether their children properly dispose of all the newest top-secret spy gadgets from the Arsenal of legendary parents.

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