10 unexpected facts about DNA

10 неожиданных фактов о ДНК

April 25 — the international day of DNA. Not to bother with all the intricacies of deoxyribonucleic acid, proposed to walk through the interesting facts of the storage of genetic information.

In 1953 in the journal Nature, four scientists published the results of a study of the structure of the DNA molecule. Since then, the importance of genetics is not challenged.

Fact # 1

DNA of humans is 99.9% identical. The differences are only 0.1%.

Fact # 2

50% of each person’s DNA is similar to DNA of a banana.

Fact # 3

Our genes can influence the products that we like. One study showed that people with a certain gene ate more sugar since childhood.

10 неожиданных фактов о ДНК

Fact # 4

Approximately 8% of human DNA consists of remnants of viruses that were found with the last dinosaurs.

Fact # 5

The half-life of DNA is 521. After 1.5 million years the DNA would be unreadable.

Fact # 6

The parents of the child, theoretically, could become two men. If the female egg to replace the native DNA for the DNA donor, and fertilize it with the sperm of another man.

10 неожиданных фактов о ДНК

Fact # 7

All people which are not from Africa, there is a part of the DNA of Neanderthals.

Fact # 8

DNA at 66% can identify risk of injury and a predisposition to some kind of sport.

Fact # 9

One molecule of DNA contained in our body gets a million damage every day. But she was also able to recover quickly.

Fact # 10

DNA of twins are similar only at the moment of conception. The older they get, the more differences.

10 неожиданных фактов о ДНК

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