When extreme realized his mistake, it was too late. A lesson for all lovers of adrenaline (video)

This is a video shot on top of a rock called “El Morro” (the nose) in California, USA.

Коли екстремал зрозумів свою помилку, було вже занадто пізно. Урок для всіх любителів адреналіну (відео)

This place is popular among fans of hazardous entertainments. The rock rises 20 feet above the waters of the Pacific ocean. The author of this video – a lover of extreme sports, calls himself 8Booth. He was going up to jump off a cliff into the water. But during the flight I realized I made a terrible mistake. This video is breathtaking!

It would seem that after such a jump the man doomed to death or disability. But 8Booth incredibly lucky. In the explanatory video, he wrote that he escaped with scratches on the back. Even there’s no broken bones, reports Rus.Media.

But for all fans of extreme sports then this video should serve as a lesson: caution is not a sign of cowardice, and only one such mistake can cost a human life.

Rest with your mind!

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