What does the name Juliana: the origin, character

In translation from Latin means “happiness”.

Що означає ім&#039я Уляна: походження, характер

Value: Form of the Latin name Juliana, Juliana — “of the Julii”. In translation from Latin means “happiness”, reports Rus.Media.

Origin: there are several versions of the origin of the name Juliana. According to one version, the name Juliana comes from the name of Juliana (Juliana); according to another version, Carrie is a folk form of the name Julia, which, in turn, comes from the name of the Le. Yul askanius is a famous hero and the founder of the Julii.


The girls named Juliana traits begin to emerge from childhood. It is possible that this girl with age will develop a sense of understanding the beautiful, and she, feeling the love for various art fields, will tend to realize themselves in the creative professions.

It is believed that such creative personalities may experience difficulties in the exact Sciences. In the school years, parents need to notice a feature of her daughter and all possible ways to help her cope with the study and, if possible, to avoid problems with academic performance. Generally, it is considered that it is not necessary to raise Ulyana in severity and to keep the “iron fist”.

The name Juliana places the bearer for openness, sociability and a very soft sense of humor. Juliana also has a great sensuality and charm.

The behavior of the hive is usually mysterious, and combined with her inherent sense of humor and optimism it contributes to the fact that Ulyana was going around a big circle of people. People are drawn to Uli, and the door of her house open to all.

Enthusiasm, cheerfulness and sociability — these traits will contribute to a good life. If the bearer of the name decides to conquer the summit of professional career, she will need to show perseverance and strength of character. The last requirement is a tough test for the soft and sensual Ulyana.

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