What color is the world in the eyes of animals?(video)

Admit it you always asked this question!

Якого кольору світ в очах тварин?(відео)

Admit it you always asked this question! reports Rus.Media.

Take the snakes.

The feature of their view is that they only see moving objects, so that stationary objects do not become their victims. But at night their eyes catch infrared signals — that is, they see all living things.

Birds Express a wider range.

And they can even see ultraviolet light! I wonder what the vision had their distant ancestors — the dinosaurs? Genetic analysis by scientists from Cambridge University have found that dinosaurs particularly severe reaction to the color red. But what existed then mammals with color SROM received only 50 million years after the extinction of the dinosaurs, because before they were nocturnal and this function of the body were not so important.

However, it seems, and people see the world quite differently! Well, about all the differences of the animal world — in this video:

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