Vladimir Putin spoke about the relations with the former first lady of the country

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a direct dialogue with the people addressed questions regarding his personal life and relationship with the former first lady. The head of state said that talks with Lyudmila Alexandrovna maybe even better than before.

Володимир Путін розповів про стосунки з колишньою першою леді країни

Of course, in a direct dialogue between the President of the Russian Federation, the people could not hear the question about the personal life of a politician and his intentions to marry. Live the woman asked about the former first lady of Russia, saying that newly read in the tabloids about the wedding, Lyudmila Alexandrovna said, when the President himself is going to marry.

Vladimir Putin said that at the moment he has a wonderful warm and friendly relations with the former first lady of Russia, and joked that maybe now their relationship is much better than in the days of their marriage. At the expense of tabloid Newspapers, he knows nothing, but about myself not sure. Putin said that it is primarily for individuals in public service is to work for the good of the country, and personal life is not on the first place. The head of state is ambiguous to answer the question, saying only that it is possible ever again to marry, but at the moment this is not the first thing on his list.

During the response, Putin joked that the answer to this question can stir up a pricing policy for oil and before you answer hesitated for a few seconds.

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