Useful properties of canned products, which few people know

Experts from the United States of America stated that canned food has a beneficial effect on human health, contrary to the existing theories.

Корисні властивості консервованої продукції, про яких мало хто знає

A group of scientists from the United States has determined that canned foods can benefit human health, reports media

Regular consumption of canned fruit and vegetables volunteers participated in the experiment had a more balanced diet than those who chose to abandon such products.

Scientists collected data for ten years, then came to the conclusion, disproving previously existing theories. Canned vegetables and fruits are more helpful than harmful to humans, despite a significant change in composition as a result of such processing.

The study involved more than 42 thousand people, and the data obtained through this experiment completely changes the views of scientists all over the world in this area.

We will remind, earlier it was assumed that canned vegetables and fruits cause significant harm to the human body.

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