Ukraine has banned palm oil!

Goodbye, fake cheese and fake milk?

В Україні заборонили пальмове масло!

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine supported the bill calling for a ban on the use of palm oil in food production, informs Rus.Media.

For the corresponding bill number 3871 in the first reading voted 233 MP when the required minimum of 226 votes.

The explanatory Memorandum says that the bill is aimed at “direct prohibition of the use of palm oil in food production, milk and dairy products”.

The document introduces administrative liability for the production, introduction and sale of products containing palm oil.

For violation of the law proposes to fine 1700-3400 hryvnia.

Experts predict: with the adoption of the new law will disappear from the shelves cheap spreads and cheese products, will increase prices for candy, pastry and bread.

Why ban palm oil?

В Україні заборонили пальмове масло!

In the explanatory note to the bill States that the palm oil and its fatty acids can increase the level of cholesterol in the blood, provoke the development of atherosclerosis, thrombosis, heart disease and obesity.

We have already told you that the report of the European authority for food safety (EFSA) announced palm oil is the most carcinogenic oil.

The report States that palm oil becomes carcinogenic when heated to temperatures above 200 °C.

Of course, consumers don’t eat spread, heated to 200 °C, but high temperatures are used in the manufacture. This is necessary in order to get rid of the natural red color of palm oil to neutralize the smell.

This process, however, causes contamination called glycidyloxy esters of fatty acids. When we digest food with palm oil, gloridean esters are destroyed and release glorida, a compound which is believed to cause tumors.

According to the report of the National Institute of health, USA, glorida caused various tumors in laboratory mice and laboratory rats.

But that’s not all: in order to grow palm oil every destroyed area of forest equal to 300 soccer fields!

Palm oil is grown in Africa, Asia, North and South America. This leads to deforestation, climate change and mortality of animals.

Many animals in the jungles of Borneo and Sumatra are injured, they are killed and move. People set fire to the forests, and many animals lose their homes or die.

After 10 years, orangutans will disappear completely from the face of the earth. The reason: palm oil.

В Україні заборонили пальмове масло!

Orangutans live in areas with fertile lowlands near rivers, and therefore their habitat is considered ideal for growing oil palm.

People burn forest to make way for palm oil plantations, which is used for the manufacture of a wide range of consumer goods such as chips, pizza, noodles and donuts, toothpaste, shampoo and biodiesel.

Moreover, plantation owners, farmers shooting the orangutans because the animals are considered “pests”.

If action is not taken to save the forests in Indonesia and Malaysia, orangutans will be extinct in 10 years, warn conservationists.

Over the past 25 years disappeared more than 25% of the forests of Indonesia — 76 million acres. This area is almost equal to the area of Germany.

What other countries are doing?

In the UK the government is ready to ban palm oil.

In 2012, a statement was issued in the UK on the issue of palm oil production. The UK will seek to ensure that the country received only certified palm oil.

Now the country collecting signatures on a petition for the complete ban of this product.

Products with palm oil removed from the shelves of some shops in Italy, because this oil causes cancer.

Now one of the largest networks of supermarkets of Italy, Coop stopped selling certain products that contain this oil.

But then all went to Iceland.

We reported that Iceland plans to ban the use of palm oil in their products until the end of 2018.

The ban will apply only to the products that are produced within the country. Products from other manufacturers may contain palm oil.

These measures are intended to slow the destruction of tropical forests.

Icelandic producers are already looking for an alternative to palm oil.

And what in Ukraine?

В Україні заборонили пальмове масло!

If you think that palm oil is something exotic and far from our reality, you are wrong!

Recently, the correspondent of TSN took it to the lab chocolates and butter — and was blown away by the result!

As it turned out, what we sell under the guise of butter, is a terrible fake. It contains no milk fat!

“There is only one question: where to watch law enforcement? To sell such things under the guise of oil — full of chutzpah!” — said the expert of “ukrmetrteststandarta” Vladimir Kishchenko.

Candy consist of palm oil-by 39.9%. In European countries the maximum limits for content of palm oil sweets: up to 5% or even 2%. And here are all 40% off!

In Europe the composition of the products is not accepted to hide — all listed on the label. We, in contrast to the EU, in 90% of cases these requirements are violated.

Where only do not add palm oil! The producers have one goal — to extend the shelf life of the product and make it affordable for the buyer.

Nutritionists do not recommend giving these products to children. An adult from serving ice cream on the palm oil will be nothing. But if you eat such foods continuously will lead to a dangerous imbalance of substances in the body.

So palm oil is still a threat?

Palm oil contains vitamin a, glycerin and palmitic acid, which is, even in breast milk. But if it is oil made from the pulp of the oil palm fruit.

Our producers typically use the cheaper option — the oil from the seeds of this fruit. It is dangerous for our body — fatty acids in its composition negatively affect the liver and lead to atherosclerosis.

But the most dangerous is TRANS fats, which are formed from oil under high temperature. They can cause cancer and it has been proven! Therefore, to use such products better.

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