Two Chinese with disabilities for 12 years planted 10 thousand trees

Every day at 7 am they leave home, armed with the inventory.

Два китайця з інвалідністю за 12 років посадили 10 тисяч дерев

Hacks Jia and Jia VNC — one of the most hardworking people in the world. One of them is blind from birth and the other has both hands amputated. However, despite this and his advanced age, in 12 years together they have planted over 10 thousand trees, reports Rus.Media.

Hacks and VNCI met over 10 years ago, when both were looking for work, says. Hacsa recalled the moment when one day his son came home and said, “father, I saw how the other boy was peeling an orange. He smelled delicious, it seemed to me that I even tried it!” Then Jia realized that she could no longer just sit and have to find the money. They leased land along the river and began to plant trees there.

Every day at 7 am they leave home, armed with a hammer and an iron bar. Money for trees have no friends, so for landing, they manually collect the cuttings, which, given their capabilities, it is not so easy.

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