TOP 7 famous players-seekers

Now, when in the midst of the European championship on football, fans closely watching the play of your favorite athletes on the field. But their life outside it no less interesting, exciting and dramatic.

ТОП-7 відомих футболістів-ловеласів

Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the highest paid players in the world, the Portuguese Ronaldo, who plays for the national team of his native country and plays in the Spanish “real Madrid”. 31-year-old has long been recognised as a sex symbol and never ceases to prove his title facts turbulent personal life.

An affair with Russian model Irina Shayk was the loudest lately. They met in 2010 filming of advertising, and ended the relationship in 2015, unexpectedly for the fans, but perhaps predictably for Irina. They say the reason for the divorce became constant betrayal of player. However, in the Shake from the beginning was every reason to believe that the relationship with Ronaldo would be far from ideal.

To see her Cristiano did not remain alone for long: he had had Affairs with the American secular diva Paris Hilton, British actress and model Gemma Atkinson, the Portuguese model Karina ferro… the List of his amorous adventures does not end there…

And on the eve of meeting with Irina Shayk footballer became a father. However, the circumstances of the birth of the baby for quite a long time hiding and surfaced only recently. Turns out he was born with two surrogate mothers from Mexico. One woman provided the egg, another carried the baby, but after birth they have not even shown!

Cristiano is not going to stop there – he plans to have five children. However, he does not specify whether it will be possible again to the help of surrogate mothers, or did descendants come into the world as it should be – in a complete family. At least, that Ronaldo is currently active.

“Now I have a few girls, and I need to understand what suits me more, –confessed the player. Some of them know that compete with each other”.

Among the contenders for the title “Mrs. Ronaldo” Italian model Alessia Tedeschi, her Danish colleague Maya Carving, Spanish journalist lucía Villalon. And perhaps this is not a complete list…

ТОП-7 відомих футболістів-ловеласів

Lionel Messi

29-year-old Argentine Lionel Messi who plays for Spanish Barcelona and is the captain of the national team of his native country, can boast of so many amorous victories as Cristiano Ronaldo. But his personal life is too boring not name.

With my first love – Macarenas Lemos – he met in school. But soon the feeling’s gone, and the player switched his attention to the model Luciana Salazar. An affair with her lasted a year, and after parting with Messi girl fell into the arms of Diego Maradona – by the way, good friend Lionel.

But Messi long sad: soon on the horizon again, a Antonella Rocuzzo. Why again? With her, he was familiar from childhood (at the age of five played ball with her cousin) and only later realized that this is the woman with whom the young man wants to be around.

Antonella gave birth to the footballer’s two children-2012 – born Thiago, and in 2015 –son MATEO. But the attitude of Messi and Antonelli was not straightforward.

In 2013, reporters caught Lionel kissing unknown blonde. Rumours had reached Rocuzzo and the woman decided to divorce a famous football player. However, Lionel has made every effort to make amends, and she forgave him…

Now the player is doted sons for him in the first place. At least for now…

ТОП-7 відомих футболістів-ловеласів

Gerard Pique

Like Lionel Messi, the Spaniard Pique plays for Barcelona, he also plays for the national team of Spain. In its 29 years, Gerard is a happy father of two sons.

With his mother he met in 2010 on the set of the video for the song ” Waka Waka – anthem of the world Cup held in South Africa. It performed Colombian singer Shakira. Passion immediately broke out, despite the 10 year age difference. But the singer and the player hid for a long time relationship, while the paparazzi can’t track them. And only then will Pique and Shakira admitted that they love each other and plan the wedding. The celebration was held in the summer of 2012, but… it never happened.

Shakira found out that Gerard cheated on her. The singer was very upset by the betrayal, and the Peak, realizing guilt, repented of what happened. With great difficulty, but he managed to regain the love of Selena Gomez. They never played, but the lack of official status of spouses does not prevent their happiness in 2013 was born their son Milan, and in 2015 – Sasha.

ТОП-7 відомих футболістів-ловеласів

Wayne Rooney

British footballer, team captain “Manchester United” and the national team of the UK from time to time was considered an exemplary family man. In 2008, he married high school sweetheart Coleen McLoughlin. She bore him three sons: 2009 – Kai, 2013-Anthony and Glue at the beginning of the year – Keith Joseph.

But 30-year-old was not sinless, not without blind spots. It turned out that when Colin was pregnant with my first child, Wayne often visited massage parlours, where he spent a lot of time… in the company of prostitutes. Sexual favors for money, he did not spare: so that services luxury call girls Jenny Thompson cost him £ 1,200 for the meeting. The player is so attached to this representatives of the first oldest profession, which, according to Jenny, she does not deny:

“Wayne sent me SMS sexual content, and thanks to him I could literally bathe in money. The fact of treason wife he didn’t care. He enjoyed our date!” — later Frank Thompson.

But the day of reckoning has come: in a Network there was dirt on Wayne and Colleen learned everything. How Wayne managed to persuade the wife to forgive him, remains a mystery. But now he is family-oriented and caring father.

Apologized and Jenny Thompson, asking Rooney wife’s forgiveness for causing her pain.

John Terry

A similar story happened with another British footballer, a defender and captain of Chelsea’s 35-year-old John Terry.

With his future wife Toni athlete met in 2000 and six years later they had twins. But in 2010, their marriage was under threat: John cheated on his wife with the wife of his friend and colleague at the club Wayne Bridge. Vanessa Perroncel, was a Charmer, became pregnant by Terry, and when the scandal became public knowledge, get rid of the baby.

This story hit hard at the career of John: the fans and fellow players seriously discussed, but deserves to wear the captain armband of the national team (at the time he was). And deceived by the 24-year-old bridge refused to play in the matches involving the national team, while it will include Terry. Miraculously John was able to save your marriage and earn my wife’s forgiveness.

Bridge and his wife did not forgive, because in the process it turned out that Terry was not the only one with whom She cheated.

ТОП-7 відомих футболістів-ловеласів

Paul Terry

Caused a stir on the love front and the older brother of John Paul Terry. However, the story of his passion ended tragically.

Terry Sr. was married to the sister of goalkeeper Paul Konchesky Sarah, who bore him two children… One day, Paul decided to enjoy the company of beautiful women – Lindsay Cowan – bride of his friend and teammate on the team, “Rushden & diamonds” Dale Roberts. When I found out about the adultery Dale, about any wedding speech is not going. Roberts is so upset by the betrayal that fell into severe depression and as a result has committed suicide.

After Paul was forced to leave the “Rushden & diamonds” and go to another club – away from the dirty gossip and bad memories.

Ashley Cole

35-year-old Briton, defender club “Los Angeles galaxy” Ashley Cole three years was happily married to the lead singer of pop group Girls Aloud beauties Cheryl Cole.

But the idyll began to crumble when Cheryl suspect her husband of infidelity. However, the first time Ashley had managed to dispel the suspicions of his wife and get her guard down. But sooner or later the secret becomes clear: one employee of the U.S. government Ann Corbit publicly admitted that she and Ashley had a sexual relationship. It later emerged that the footballer cheated on his wife with models, Actresses and even a hairdresser.

And then Cheryl decided to take revenge on her husband she filed for divorce without telling him. It happened just before the world Cup in 2010. Cole had to play the responsible of the mast for the national team of great Britain, but he was so upset by the news about the divorce that I couldn’t show themselves worthy. After that, Ashley’s career went into decline. However, Cheryl also did not find happiness: she married again, but two years later was divorced again.

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