The worst natural disasters in the history of mankind

War takes tens of thousands of lives, but even the most violent can not be compared with the elements: the planet does not spare us — and not even pay attention to the number of victims of cyclones, floods and other terrible events.

Найстрашніші стихійні лиха за всю історію людстваНайстрашніші стихійні лиха за всю історію людства

What is worse, a tornado or a fire? What are the chances to survive a volcanic eruption? And in the avalanche? Unfortunately, the answer in both cases is minimal. We have collected 10 of the most terrible natural disasters in human history: apparently, nature begins to punish us for reckless destruction of the planet, reports Rus.Media.

Найстрашніші стихійні лиха за всю історію людства

The eruption of the volcano Mont-Pele


8 may 1902, the volcano Mont Pele, peacefully dozing for dozens of years, suddenly exploded. The eruption of this disaster to call it just not: lava flows and rock fragments literally destroyed the main port of Martinique, Saint Pierre. In just a few minutes killed as many as 36,000 people.

Найстрашніші стихійні лиха за всю історію людства

Flooding in China


Beginning the 31st year was a terrible ordeal for all the people of China. A series of terrible floods, which modern historians have called the largest natural disaster in the history of mankind, claimed nearly 4 million lives.

Найстрашніші стихійні лиха за всю історію людства

The fire in the Kursch-2


Summer 1936 was very hot. The fire, which began near the village fanned by the wind. The fire moved to the people. At night, the village approached the train began the work of salvation logging. In the end, when the danger was very high, the composition is moved away — the villagers were sitting on logs. When the train approached the canal, a wooden bridge was on fire. He was engaged in the loaded log train. People were burned alive. In one night, killed about 1200 people.

Найстрашніші стихійні лиха за всю історію людства

Avalanche Huascaran


The earthquake off the coast of Peru destabilized the Northern slope of the majestic dagerbo of mount Huascaran. An avalanche of ice and rocks rushed down at a speed of 180 miles per hour. Located in the spur of Huascaran town of Jungao met 80 million cubic meters of dirt, ice and snow. With 25 000 inhabitants of the village no one survived.

Найстрашніші стихійні лиха за всю історію людства

Cyclone Bhola


This tropical cyclone is recognized as one of the most devastating natural disasters of the modern world. Storm tide that struck the Islands of the Delta of the Ganges, took the lives of half a million people. Again, think about that number: 500,000 people died in just one day.

Найстрашніші стихійні лиха за всю історію людства

Storm in Iran


A terrible snow storm lasted a week: rural districts of Iran were fully covered with three-meter layer of snow. Some villages were literally buried under avalanches. Subsequently, the power have counted as many as 4 000 dead people.

Найстрашніші стихійні лиха за всю історію людства

Tagansky earthquake


This natural disaster occurred in the Chinese city Tangshan. About four o’clock in the morning, at a depth of 22 kilometers was a strong earthquake. The city was razed to the ground, none of the 655 000 people did not survive.

Найстрашніші стихійні лиха за всю історію людства

Tornado in Daulatpura


A deadly tornado, the radius of which exceeds 1.5 kilometers, observers have noticed in the morning of 26 April. Later this giant hit Bangladesh. The power of a tornado was enough to easily to lift into the air the whole house. People literally tore it apart: just a day killed about a thousand people, 12 thousand were in the hospital.

Найстрашніші стихійні лиха за всю історію людства

European heat


The heat played in the summer of 2003, claimed the lives of 70,000 people. According to authorities, the system of local public health services were simply not focused on such an incredible load. It is noteworthy that, forecasters say the repetition of this heat attacks approximately every thirteen years.

Найстрашніші стихійні лиха за всю історію людства

The tsunami in the Indian ocean


The underwater earthquake on 26 December 2004, triggered a tsunami of incredible power. The earthquake recognized third level in the history at all. Tsunami wave height exceeded 15 meters hit the coast of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and claimed the lives of more than 250,000 people.

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